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  • libbylawrence
    Rick Tyler had just celebrated the best birthday of his young life. After a dinner with Beth Chapel he had headed home through the darkened park. He
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      Rick Tyler had just celebrated the best birthday
      of his young life. After a dinner with Beth
      Chapel<br>he had headed home through the darkened
      park.<br><br>He had mused his life without Miraclo -the drug that
      gave him an hour of power at great cost to his
      health.<br><br>A woman's cry caught his attention and he raced
      forward...uncertain how he could help without the powerful but
      potentially deadly drug.<br><br>He saw a young girl
      struggling with a thug.<br><br>His heart beat fast and
      suddenly he surged forward and backhanded him with casual
      effort.<br><br>The creep rolled across the greenery and did not
      stir.<br><br>It was as if his old drug induced powers were in
      effect though he had taken no pill!<br><br>"Thanks !"
      she gushed tearfully.<br><br>"No problem! Doing it
      was it's own reward!" he smiled.<br><br>That smile
      broadened after hours later when Dr. Beth kissed him and
      announced, "The power is not fading! No damage is evident to
      your system either! I can only guess that as the
      metabolism changes as we age new things develop. In your
      case your Dad did return to using the drug around the
      time of your birth. I'd say you've had this latent
      power all along and only your recent maturation -which
      never truly ends -kicked it into<br>evidence! Guess you
      can't be "Hour Man" any more since the powers don't end
      in 60 minutes."<br><br>"I'll be Mr. Miracle since
      this is like a new miracle for me! Could Dad do the
      same?' he asked.<br><br>Later, Rex Tyler smiled as Doc.
      McNider listened.<br><br>"Rick's call got me thinking.
      Sure enough I can gain my hour of power now by just
      thinking...though I do seem to focus it easier by rubbing the old
      hourglass!"<br><br>McNider said, "Your powers do end after the normal hour
      after you summon them. I know the field of
      meta-genetics is brand new. I've always<br>wondered if John
      Chambers and Libby Lawrence weren't really metahumans who
      only rationalized their abilities by the spoken
      formula and the vibrating belt buckle."<br><br>"You mean
      they don't need them either?"<br><br>"Maybe not, maybe
      so. Their mental blocks could<br>be so firm that the
      formula and the buckle are needed for their adrenal
      surges. Still, you now don't need the Miraclo to be
      hourly strong and fast. That is great news."said
      Midnite.<br><br>"Was it Odin's boon or was that Rick's gift?'asked
      rex.<br><br>"One may be the boon and the other may just be due to
      some metabolic change but either way I,m happy for
    • The Time Trust
      Well, I know that the Sandman fought the Cheetah in Fashion for Dying. The Sandman: 1943: Fashion for Dying The Sandman: 1943: Fashion for Dying by
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        Well, I know that the Sandman fought the Cheetah in "Fashion for Dying." The Sandman: 1943: Fashion for Dying

        I think there were supposed to be other stories dealing with the remaining foes, but they were never written.
        Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

        Read stories of your favorite DC Comics characters at the Five Earths Project!

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        Who were the villaisn recruited by Kil-Lor and Alexander? I have a list of the ones mentioned, but it is implied there were others (enough to battle the entire JSA), and we did not see all the society members battling villains in this story.

        The villains I know were members are the Archer, Cheetah, Dr. Poison, Face, Monk (and Dala), Gusaf Gilroy, Nuclear, and Rag Doll.

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