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Mirror, Mirror Part 21

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  • Lee
    Part 21 By the time T.J. and Kelli returned to Professor Van Ish s mirror room, Richard and the professor were finalizing the plans for the young man s trip.
    Message 1 of 132 , Jul 2, 2008
      Part 21
      By the time T.J. and Kelli returned to Professor Van Ish's
      mirror room, Richard and the professor were finalizing the plans for
      the young man's trip. Dr. Occult looked up as they entered.

      "Have you seen any signs of life?" T.J. asked, as he approached
      the two men.

      "Still nothing," Richard answered, "but we did make an
      interesting discovery."

      "What is it?" Kelli asked.

      "In the time it took the two of you to go to the kitchen, gather
      the food, and return, two days have passed on our possible world,"
      Richard said.

      Kelli couldn't believe her ears. "But, we've only been gone for
      an hour."

      Van Ish shrugged. "The passage of time sometimes varies from
      dimension to dimension."

      T.J. looked at the basket of food. "If time is that much faster
      there, is this going to be enough for me and the dog?"

      "For your information," Robbie spoke up, "the "dog" has a name.
      And besides that, I don't need to eat anyway."

      "Sorry, Robbie," T.J. apologized. "With everything going on
      around here, you seem to be fairly normal. I'll try not to let it
      happen again."

      "Good enough," the robot dog replied.

      At that moment, a King of Spades came marching through the
      door. "I say," it said, in an absurdly thick British accent. "That
      gunslinger chap is requesting some assistance. It appears that that
      Morgauth cretin is advancing again."

      Everyone turned and started towards the door.

      "Not you," Richard said, putting a hand on T.J.'s shoulder. "You
      and Robbie should get going. If you see any signs of life, hurry back
      here and we'll see if we can find somewhere else."

      "Exactly how will we get back here?" Robbie asked.

      The professor slapped his forehead lightly, then turned to face
      his former captive. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small
      mirror. He handed it to T.J.

      "Surely, you don't expect us to pass through a mirror this
      small," the young man said.

      "Why not?" Van Ish asked, then he grinned. "Actually, think of
      this as more of a radio. When you are ready to return, look into the
      mirror and call my name."

      Richard saw relief in his friend's face.

      "Well, Robbie," T.J. said, "are you ready?"

      "As ready as I'll ever be."

      "Whenever you are ready," the professor said, "all you have to
      do is step through."

      The two explorers approached the full-length mirror. T.J. took a
      deep breath, then took a step. In an instant, he and Robbie were
      somewhere else.
    • ddswanson
      Nice powers, has that Demon Blue. Hope that slash doesn t bleed! Dan
      Message 132 of 132 , Feb 2, 2009
        Nice powers, has that Demon Blue. Hope that slash doesn't bleed!


        --- In theJSAallstarstorysite@yahoogroups.com, "Lee" <drivtaan@...> wrote:
        > Part 30
        > "Do you think they will succeed in locating their friends?" Kao
        > Chien-Li asked Mrs. Meng.
        > "Not all at once," Mrs. Meng replied, cryptically, "but,
        > eventually."
        > The pair stood watching the three travelers until hey
        > disappeared over a rise in the road. As Chien-Li turned and started
        > into the house, he noticed a basket under the table.
        > "It appears the young one has forgotten his basket," the man
        > said.
        > As he pulled it from its resting place and set it on the table,
        > Mrs. Meng entered and closed the door. "He forgot nothing," she
        > said. "Brian Walker has a good memory, and a good heart." She opened
        > the basket.
        > Kao Chien-Li merely nodded as he saw the Hell notes.
        > * * * * *
        > The trio traveled for nearly an hour with little conversation
        > between them. For a few brief moments during this time, Brian and the
        > Repentant One thought they heard a few words of Dr. Fate's side of a
        > conversation with someone somewhere else, but he offered no
        > enlightenment as to who he had spoken.
        > "May I ask you something?" Brian asked the demon, as they walked.
        > "You are curious as to my name before I became a repentant
        > demon," the demon said.
        > "You are either telepathicÂ…" Brian started.
        > "Â…Or your curiosity is very evident," the Repentant One finished.
        > Brian smiled. "I guess so."
        > The demon laughed. It was a deep laugh, but very jovial. "I like
        > you. You have a sense of honor about you."
        > "Thank you."
        > "Before I was trapped by Master Lao Jen and spent an eternity in
        > those accursed glasses of his, I was called Kuei Lan," the Repentant
        > One said. "And to save you from wondering, its literal translation
        > into your language is "Demon Blue"."
        > "Demon Blue," Brian repeated, like a connoisseur tasting a newly
        > discovered vintage. "I like it."
        > The demon gave his new companion a curious look.
        > "In our business," Brian said, indicating Dr. Fate and
        > himself, "codenames are pretty much mandatory."
        > "So, "Brian" is your codename?" Kuei Lan asked.
        > "Ah, no," the detective replied. "Brian is my real name. My
        > teammates call me, well, actually, they still call me Brian. My
        > actual codename is Tracker."
        > "And you want me to go by Kuei Lan?" the demon asked.
        > "Actually," Brian grinned, "I was thinking more of Demon Blue."
        > Kuei Lan stopped, furled his brow, and looked hard at the young
        > man. Brian was about to take a step back when the demon grinned. "I
        > think I like it."
        > Beneath his helmet, Dr. Fate chuckled as he saw Brian's
        > shoulders sag in relief.
        > Brian started to take a step, but Kuei Lan held up his hand.
        > "There is no need to go further," he said. "Here is where we
        > cross into the next dimension."
        > Even Fate was curious.
        > The demon knelt down and picked up a rather plain piece of
        > stone. His two companions watched as he began to shape the stone with
        > his bare hands. Within minutes, the stone strongly resembled a knife.
        > Kuei Lan muttered an arcane phrase, then blew a stream of steam onto
        > the weapon. Reversing the blade in his hand so that the tip pointed
        > away from him, the demon lashed out with a backhanded strike that
        > slashed the very fabric of space. Without a backward glance, he
        > stepped from this dimension into the next.
        > Dr. Fate and Brian looked at each other for a couple seconds,
        > just long enough for Kuei Lan to poke his head back through the rift.
        > "Are you two coming, or what?"
        > The two men stepped through.
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