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Legion of Justice - Chapter 10: Invasion - Utopia

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  • ddswanson
    Windows into the Legionnaires day… **** The rest of the team wasn t idle while Rex stayed up all night creating computer hacking tools - with the help of a
    Message 1 of 97 , Sep 2, 2007
      Windows into the Legionnaires' day…


      The rest of the team wasn't idle while Rex stayed up all night
      creating computer hacking tools - with the help of a supercomputer.
      Tommy, Rand and Miqui stayed up late, using the tools and facilities
      of the Hot Rod's cramped workroom.


      The next morning, Rex floated through the sky towards Springfield, Va.
      The holographic image projector built into the chair surround him
      with the seeming of a government-issued skycar, and his radio was
      sending out the matching ID code to anyone monitoring traffic. He
      didn't want to overuse his powers. His special detection programs,
      written last night with assistance from Gernsbeck, probed the ether
      for traces of government computer communications. He homed in on the
      strongest signals, and landed in a nearby lot. Protected inside the
      image of an empty car in an out-of-the-way corner of a parking garage,
      he set to work, hacking into Amgov's computer network.


      Tommy and Miqui started their day in 'make up'. They needed to spend
      a lot of Wildcat's money to buy personal electronics gear that Rand
      would pull apart and use to build anti-personnel ordinance for their
      attack. But they couldn't be recognized as missing Legionnaires!

      Miqui was easily able to disguise them by altering some chemical
      processes in their skin. She made herself much darker, with red hair,
      and Tommy became quite fair. He wore a wig, and she was able to use
      her powers to make sure it was anchored securely (OK, she changed his
      perspiration into organic superglue, if you must know!).

      "Wow! I look great!" he said enthusiastically, as he looked into a
      mirror. He turned and asked wistfully "Do you think your powers could
      help me grow real hair?"

      She was stunned. Tommy had never indicated he missed having hair -
      and she'd never thought about how being bald would affect a 14 year
      old boy. "Why, I don't know, Tommy. If all it involves is
      encouraging a chemical process in your scalp, I probably can. Let's
      have Rex investigate when we get back." Was Tommy's painful shyness
      the result of being bald?

      The two took a flying disk and concealed it not far from the nearest
      monorail station.


      Now that he knew where the secret technology center was, Rand could
      get there on his own. He used a flying disk to approach as closely to
      the location as possible, then hid the disk and dove an hour into the
      past. At his top speed, he flashed through the ground and into the
      vast warehouse. This time his assignment get a floor plan of the
      office and living areas and learn more about the full time staff they
      might have to deal with.

      Getting assigned to the secret technology center must be a plum
      assignment. The quarters were like a fancy hotel with all the
      amenities, fancy dining, health club, reading room, even a theater.
      Working here would be way better than being a producer; there was
      stuff even the entitled didn't have! But what was really stunning to
      Rand was, who was currently assigned to this facility.

      Coquette was part of the facility security team!

    • ddswanson
      Yeah, it did get a little long, didn t it? thanks for the nice words. Happy New Year! Dan ... history. You ve done a great job filling us in on the goings-on
      Message 97 of 97 , Jan 2, 2008
        Yeah, it did get a little long, didn't it? thanks for the nice words.
        Happy New Year!


        --- In theJSAallstarstorysite@yahoogroups.com, Drivtaan <drivtaan@...>
        > Congratulations on completing one of the longest chapters in
        history. You've done a great job filling us in on the goings-on of the
        E-2 version of the Legion. Keep the stories coming.
        > Lee
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