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Re: Legion of Justice - The Home Stretch! Part 3

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  • onlydavb
    Nice little interplay between Drake and Canary. I also liked your teaser of an ending Dave ... at ... nightmares, ... out, ... bed ... teammates ... series ...
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      Nice little interplay between Drake and Canary. I also liked your
      teaser of an ending
      --- In theJSAallstarstorysite@yahoogroups.com, ddswanson
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Finding their home planet in the midst of an ice age that had to be
      > least decades old, when they had only left it months ago, was
      > stunning. Horus, after all his recent hallucinations and
      > simply refused to believe this was reality, and withdrew into a
      > coma-like state. Rex and Theresa became involved in a long drawn
      > extremely acrimonious debate on the theoretical dynamics of an Ice
      > Age, becoming so caught up in their anger and furious arguments that
      > they were able to ignore reality. Canary just collapsed into her
      > and stared at the bulkhead, refusing to talk to anyone. Only Drake
      > remained active. Over and over again he tried to chivvy his
      > back towards reality, but continually failed. He soon began a
      > of independent actions.
      > He flew the Verdant Flame closer to Earth, looking for any signs of
      > life. The planet was filthy with radiation, and he could detect no
      > living things on the surface. The water was green with algae, which
      > seemed to be the only surviving life on the planet. The geography
      > totally distorted and he couldn't find any features that were easy
      > recognize. Once he finally found the Azores, with computer
      > assistance he was able to superimpose continental outlines on the
      > global map he'd made, and he saw that sea level had dropped perhaps
      > quarter mile. There was a lot of water tied up in the giant
      > descending from the poles!
      > Nowhere could he find any evidence of humanity, which made it
      > difficult to date the disaster. He was able to locate the first
      > lander, the Eagle, still on the moon, so he knew it, whatever 'it'
      > was, had happened after 1969. Computer sims suggested the ice age
      > been going on for at least 250 years. This bracketing strong
      > suggested, to Drake at least, that the Final War was related to the
      > attempt by Vandal Savage and Mekanique to take over the world.
      > After about 10 hours, he got fed up, and disintegrated the door to
      > cabin Canary had chosen.
      > "OK, Bird Babe! I've had enough of you lying there sucking your
      > thumb. You are supposed to be the leader. You've always been the
      > leader. You always wanted to be the leader. So damn it, get up and
      > LEAD!" She rolled over and stared at him dully. "You dragged me
      > of Legion HQ and made me a rebel without even asking me, and now
      > you're going to abandon me? You owe me, chickee!" He'd deliberately
      > used two nicknames that she hated, still nothing. He wasn't through
      > yet, quite...
      > "What kind of leader quits when things get tough? Look around you -
      > you may think your world is ended, but there are people who need you
      > now, more than we've ever needed you before. If you quit now, why
      > should the rest of us go on?" She still didn't say
      anything. "Well,
      > the hell with you then!" He turned and left the room.
      > He was trying to learn some alien computer game only a few minutes
      > later when he saw a reflection in the screen. Canary slipped
      > and furtively out of her damaged cabin and into another one. He
      > a shower, and a few minutes later, the Legion's leader strode into
      > cabin like she owned it.
      > "5 minutes and 18 seconds" Drake said, as if to himself. "Damn, I
      > missed it by over a minute!" He turned and spoke as if none of the
      > above had ever happened.
      > "Horus is still hallucinating. Rex and Theresa need some
      > And there's no indication that there was ever any life on Earth. I
      > recommend it would be best for the sanity of all of us if we leave
      > Solar System, boss! The people who gave me this ship seem to be a
      > pretty nice group; maybe they need some heroes?"
      > "Plot a course, Drake, and let's go see" she ordered briskly. "I'm
      > going to go talk to the science team." She spun on her heel, and
      > into the lift to go down to the lab level. Just before the door
      > closed, she said one more thing. "Thanks!" The door closed and she
      > was gone.
      > "I guess she's still way shook up" he mused, then turned to the
      > control board and started plotting their new course.
      > Getting out of the Solar System seemed to be a very good idea. Once
      > they didn't have the dead Earth hanging in their viewscreen, their
      > natural resilience began to reassert itself.
      > "Sorry, Rexy, I don't believe your theory. If our timeline was
      > out as if it had never existed, and our parents aren't dead -
      > they were never born - then why do we remember them? Better yet,
      > where'd _we_ come from? We just spontaneously popped into existence
      > out of nothingness? What about conservation of matter and energy?"
      > "We were in the past when the timeline changed, so the change didn't
      > affect us. Conservation of matter and energy is maintained by some
      > mechanism we don't understand as yet."
      > "Sorry - I believe in the quantum universe theory myself. You know,
      > the 'a new universe is formed every time a decision is made'
      > The universe we were born in is still out there somewhere and we've
      > just been shunted to a totally different universe."
      > Theresa interrupted. "There's no practical difference. Whether
      > is only a single timeline, and the entire future of that timeline is
      > rewritten whenever someone changes an important event, erasing the
      > previous timeline, or there's an infinite number of universes,
      > branching at every important event, to us the results are the same.
      > We are no longer in the universe (or timeline) in which we were
      > and our chances of every getting back to that place are virtually
      > nonexistent!"
      > "Makes a big difference to me, Twinkles. In Rex's 'one timeline'
      > universe, most of the people I ever knew are nothing but memories -
      > fantasies, really, because they are memories of something that never
      > existed. In my quantum universe, all those people are still alive,
      > just somewhere else. I know what I prefer." He paused a second.
      > "And, I think even Rexy will agree that the math involved in my
      > preferred theory is a lot more satisfying than the the math in his
      > single timeline theory."
      > Rex looked stubborn. "I don't agree. The quantum theory doesn't
      > explain where the energy required to create an infinite number of
      > universes comes from."
      > Before they could continue the argument, the subspace communicator
      > came to life.
      > "Gernsbeck at Knight Base, calling the Legion of Justice! Gernsbeck
      > at Knight Base, calling the Legion of Justice!"
    • Drivtaan
      Just read everything from the Flashback up to this chapter, and I was definitely entertained. I liked the explanation as to what Horus was going through--well
      Message 130 of 130 , Jul 13, 2007
        Just read everything from the Flashback up to this chapter, and I was definitely entertained. I liked the explanation as to what Horus was going through--well done. This final chapter(?) has given me a couple of ideas, and, hopefully, a few others as well. I look forward to seeing if anyone does anythig with these characters.


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