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Legion of Justice - Chapter 6 - The Battle of Yorktown, Conclusion

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  • ddswanson
    Legion of Justice Chapter 6 Battle of Yorktown Conclusion Though she was trapped inside a dense column of super-cooled ice, harder than diamond, Star Lass
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      Legion of Justice Chapter 6 Battle of Yorktown Conclusion

      Though she was trapped inside a dense column of super-cooled ice,
      harder than diamond, Star Lass wasn't worried. Even her
      many-times-great grandpa Ted's prototype Gravity Rod could shoot a
      heat beam, and her own Cosmic Rod, surgically grafted into her nervous
      system, was many times more powerful than its primitive ancestor. She
      literally added a twist to the heat beam, using a force field to shape
      it and spin it like a drill bit, and quickly bored through the icy
      covering. She then flexed the force field and the column shattered!
      Bluefire had flamed off and was helping Absolut0 to her feet.

      "Time for a new trick!" Theresa thought to herself. She used her own
      natural powers to vastly increase Bluefire's weight, pinning the
      Blazing Banshee to the ground. Before Absolut0 could react, she was
      rising helplessly into the air, as Star Lass reduced her weight to zero.

      "Zero suits you so well" the star clad heroine laughed at the floating
      Frigid Felon. "Zero degrees, zero weight, zero chance!"

      "You should know better than to mock your opponents before the battle
      ends!" came a voice from above her, a voice she'd never heard before.

      Before she could look up, Star Lass was struck savagely from behind, a
      blow that flashed through her force field as if it didn't exist, and
      knocked her out of the sky. Her Cosmic Rod was suddenly not working!
      She tried her natural power, which still worked, and quickly reduced
      her own weight, which saved her from serious injury when she hit the
      ground. Her opponent was zooming down after her, a gleaming silvery
      globe the size of a beach ball, totally unknown to her until this

      She aimed a Cosmic blast at it, and still nothing happened. She
      switched to increasing its weight, and it bobbled in its flight, until
      suddenly a sparkling golden force field blocked her power. Hey! That
      was HER force field! She barely ducked as the ball flashed through
      the space where her head had just been. Going that fast it would have
      injured her seriously!

      She momentarily increased her weight and squatted, then dropped it to
      almost nothing and jumped with all the power in her legs, right into
      the path of the new flying foe. Just she hit it, she 'massed up'
      again. The impact was like a car crash, and the ball was severely
      dented. As it spun away through the sky, Theresa realized her cosmic
      power was back!

      She created a cylinder of force and swung it like a cosmic baseball
      bat. The damaged sphere crumpled further, and spun out over the
      river. There were some sparks when it splashed down, and some steam.
      It might have floated had she let it, but a little extra weight and
      it was gone.

      She turned to help her teammates, and was appalled at what she saw.
      While she'd been dancing with the power-stealing sphere, her opponents
      had joined their teammates, and what had been a precarious stalemate
      had quickly turned into a near-rout.

      Bluefire had melted Sandy into a golden puddle. That wouldn't kill
      him, but he wouldn't be able to control his malleable body until it
      solidified. If parts of his body were splashed too far away, he would
      need help getting it back together before he could control it. With
      Kid Terrific and WildCat fighting against Sonix and Smashin, Absolut0
      had been able to sneak up on them and freeze them into blocks of ice.
      Their costumes would protect them, but they were out of the fight for
      a while, at least. She and Hawk Boy were the only two active
      Legionnaires left!

      At least, only one of their opponents could fly. But Sonix, Absolut0
      and Boomer all had long distance weapons. As she and Hawk Boy weaved
      through the sky, dodging heat beams, ice missiles, sonic blasts and
      explosive concussions, she wondered if this was what fighter pilots in
      the ancient wars felt like when they'd engaged in dog fights while
      dodging anti-aircraft fire? And Hawk Boy had it much worse than she
      did; he had to depend on his natural agility to escape all the blasts,
      while she at least had a force shield.

      She heard a sonic boom, and everyone looked up for a second. Another
      Legion transport, this one much larger than the Dart, appeared over
      the horizon. It would arrive in seconds. Timepiece spoke over her
      radio, on the encrypted Legion secure channel.

      "The cavalry has arrived, Star Lass! I've got the rest of the Legion,
      and the Legion reserves, and the cadet senior class from the Legion
      Academy, and General Urbane has called in the Special Forces teams
      from the nearby Naval and Air Force bases. We'll be there in seconds!"

      Apparently the channel wasn't as secure as they thought it was. The
      Smash Squad gathered together and Boomer touched a control on his
      belt, and they vanished!

      Which had been Rexford's plan all along, Theresa discovered shortly.
      Rexford was flying the transport by himself! He and Gernsbeck had
      come up with this plan on their own. There would be hell to pay
      later, as Urbane was sure to discipline him for leaving his station,
      but for now the battle was over.

      The repercussions were not, however. That night, the whole battle was
      replayed on the most popular 3V program, "Cast Your Ballot". Every
      night, the voting public had a chance to enact new laws, and tonight,
      the issue was increased funding for the Guardians and the Legion of
      Justice. The battle was replayed endlessly, though the replays were
      all edited to show the Legion of Doom easily trashing the Forces of
      Justice. The talking head of a host, the neutral voice of
      rationality, stressed repeatedly how close this had come to being a
      major disaster which could have lead to the deaths of millions of

      Finally it was time to vote; the voters could choose among three options:
      * raise taxes and use the new tax revenue to strengthen the Forces of
      * transfer funding from Public 3V to Justice
      * do nothing and wait for the next disaster, which would be even worse
      than this one.

      To vote, a citizen needed to touch the correct option displayed on the
      screen; to prevent voter fraud, each 3V set could be used to register
      only one vote. So if multiple members of a family wanted to vote,
      that family had to have multiple 3V sets.

      Voting and 3V access were Constitutional rights. Since members of the
      entitled class had no income, in order to protect their rights, the
      government supplied each entitled family with a new 3V set whenever
      they needed one. Since the producer families had income, they could
      purchase their own sets - or forfeit their rights. There were no free
      rides in the Utopian States of America!

      The audience for "Cast Your Ballot" was mostly members of the entitled
      class. They outnumbered the producer class by about 4 to one and
      always voted as a block, so producers never even bothered to vote any
      more. Public 3V was the major source of entertainment for the
      entitled, and they didn't pay taxes.

      Still, the outcome of the vote was totally unexpected, as it was each
      time taxes went up. Who would ever expect the voting public to
      voluntarily raise taxes? The host lavishly praised the patriotism and
      selfless public spirit of his viewing audience - the reason the
      Utopian States of America was the greatest nation in the history of
      the world! The public had once again made the world safer.

      In his secret office, General Urbane smiled. He wasn't the
      acknowledged ruler of the world, but he pulled all the strings. For
      the moment, it was satisfactory.
    • George
      -A human survival tale indeed, also a hero outy of costume tale, and being as how he s a masked archer I had him use a pistol [with a good reason why he had
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        -A human survival tale indeed, also a hero outy of costume tale, and
        being as how he's a masked archer I had him use a pistol [with a good
        reason why he had one with him too].
        Also with the title I felt it fit the story quite well,as well as
        being well symbolic of my feelings about lack of feedback.

        Which has gotten better overall, of course all of us got good reasons
        to not comment on tales,but I think all of us should comment on as much
        as we can.
        As we can.

        -- In theJSAallstarstorysite@yahoogroups.com, ddswanson <no_reply@...>
        > Yeah, I did read it. Golden Arrow and a girl are trapped in a cave, I
        > think in an avalanche, and GA thinks they are both going to die. Not
        > bad. More of a human survival story than a super hero story, even
        > though it has a super hero in it. I hadn't caught the significance of
        > the title until now though.
        > Dan
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