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DC Comics Presents: Spotlight on Savant, Part 13

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  • ddswanson
    When John recovered consciousness, he was lying in large cylinder. The hinged upper half of the cylinder was made of transparent Plexiglas, and was now swung
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      When John recovered consciousness, he was lying in large cylinder.
      The hinged upper half of the cylinder was made of transparent
      Plexiglas, and was now swung open. Almost instantly, he heard a
      voice whisper in his ear. It was Henrietta.

      "It's about time you work up, sleepyhead! You won't be able to move
      for a few minutes, but that's just a side effect of the transfer
      process. Join us as soon as you can; we're in the TV room, watching
      a special broadcast from Candor. I think you'll enjoy it!" She
      laughed. "Oh, and don't try to capture any of us - you would get in
      more trouble than it's worth, since we're all legally free right
      now. Wouldn't look good for the son of the leading Presidential
      candidate to get busted for false arrest, would it?"

      A mixture of cheers and boos came over the same speaker. When they
      quieted down again, Hank continued. "I've adjusted the temporal
      differential grid imbedded in the bottle to keep things from starting
      until you get here - but the rest of the crowd is getting impatient.
      And I can't keep Stretch from your popcorn much longer!"

      Not far away he could hear cheers from a group of young people who
      appeared to be watching a sporting event. He immediately blurred
      into super-speed - and was relieved to find that he had his full
      powers back. Apparently the transfer paralysis had worn off faster
      than Savant had expected.

      In the TV room, he found the people who had been cheering, now
      seemingly motionless due to his super-accelerated state). Henrietta,
      her friends and criminal partners Dollface and Faust, and 'Stretch'
      O'Brien and a very pregnant woman who must be his wife. There were
      all in costume, seated in front of a giant TV screen with popcorn and
      soda, watching a monster movie.

      "Probably cheering for the monster" John thought with disdain. The
      monster looked familiar, so he looked closer. It was the Bantu, and
      it was motionless. "This must be a live feed from Candor! So that's
      what Hank had meant about the temporal differential grid - she slowed
      down time in the bottle when we left, so we can watch the first real
      adventure of the Candorian Champions, Nightbird and Flamewing!"

      The Bantuu looked familiar, very much like... hmm, yes, very like
      Godzilla! And it seemed to have similar powers to that famous movie
      monster. Right now, slowed to immobility on the screen by the
      temporal differential grid and his own accelerated senses, it was
      belching a cloud of something toxic at a group of fleeing
      bystanders. John was relieved to see that the battle was occurring
      on the outskirts of Candor, rather than downtown. Apparently he and
      Hank had left in time for the two heroes to intercept the monster
      outside the city.

      His plan was working, yet he had rather hoped that the Tiny Titans
      could have had some easy cases before they had to battle anything
      really dangerous like the Bantu. Hank had left them with memories of
      an heroic life, with cases based on her own life as well as John's,
      but there was no substitute for real experience. Well, he and Hank
      had done their best... and even the best, most experienced heroes had
      been rookies at one time in their careers.

      Kicking into an even higher speed, John zipped off to FBI
      Headquarters in less than a femtosecond and quickly checked out the
      most wanted list. And saw, incredibly, that Dollface and Faust were
      both out on parole, Hank's current sentence was suspended awaiting a
      legal appeal by her lawyer, and Stretch had some kind of probationary
      pardon from the UN. They were all (right now, at least) legal!

      So he decided he would join them, pretend they weren't villains, and
      enjoy 'The Adventures of Nightbird and Flamewing". He decided not to
      let Hank know about his almost instant recovery, or that he had
      already checked up on their bona fides. He walked into the TV room
      at normal speed.

      "Hey, sleepyhead! You're just in time, the credits have just
      finished!" she joked. She swatted Stretch's elongated fingers away
      from a bowl of buttered popcorn. "Maggie, can't you keep him under
      control, or do I have to blast him with my liquid nitrogen squirt
      gun? Plastic gets really brittle when it's cold, Stretch!" she
      warned. "You wouldn't be nearly so unbreakable then!"

      John looked at the five villains appraisingly, and they looked back
      at him, each side warily waiting for the other to make the first
      move. As he had expected, it was Dollface. However, he would never
      in a million years have guessed what she was about to do...

      "Hey, Blue and Blurry! Better think twice before you touch us!"
      Dollface said, indignantly. She jumped to her feet, then flipped
      over to her hands, then back to her feet again - faster than anybody
      but John could follow. "We're all here legit!" She did a cartwheel,
      ending right in front of him, and handed him some papers. "Check it
      out before you start any rough stuff!"

      She leaned over and whispered in his ear. "I could sorta go for the
      rough stuff, later, if you know what I mean..." and she was back in
      front of the screen.

      John was stunned. Had Dollface just hit on him? Hank was looking
      tolerantly amused, but there was a thundercloud (literally) floating
      over Faust's head. Stretch and Maggie hadn't even looked away from
      the screen.

      "Good group!" Hank said approvingly. "C'mon, John, have a seat" and
      she patted the sofa beside her. "Action's about to start." Dolly
      turned her head, a big smile on her face. "On the screen, Dolly!"
      Hank practically shouted in exasperation.

      In some sense, it was a case of deja vu. John and Hank sitting down
      in front of a big flat screen, watching a drama together. Only this
      time, it wasn't fiction. This time, lives were on the line.
    • ddswanson
      I m through with John and Henrietta and everyone else associated with these two stories. I m looking forward to their futures, though - so go to it! Dan ...
      Message 59 of 59 , Jun 21, 2006
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        I'm through with John and Henrietta and everyone else associated with
        these two stories. I'm looking forward to their futures, though - so
        go to it!


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        > Just read the Conclusion and the Epilogue, Dan, and I really enjoyed
        both of them. Have you got any ideas for John after this? If not....
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