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The Return of Vic Valor! Chapter 10

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  • Dan Swanson
    Valor glared at the stone hand restraining his right arm and it started to melt. Zephyr started a spell to counter the heat but it was already too late.
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      Valor glared at the stone hand restraining his right arm and it
      started to melt. Zephyr started a spell to counter the heat but it
      was already too late. Valor's right arm burst free of the restraint.
      His free hand pummeled the rocky construct gripping his left arm and
      it shattered. With both arms free, he concentrated on freeing his
      feet, next. Rays lanced out of the palms of both hands, and the rocky
      'overshoes' began to disintegrate.

      Zephyr turned her attention away from the imprisoning spell and the
      animating magic flowed out of the stones gripping Valor. She spoke
      another spell, meant to slow him once he inevitably shattered the
      remaining stones holding him.

      "Mother Gaea heed my cry, increase Earth's pull, he may not fly!"

      Even as Valor shattered the remaining stone bonds, gravity was
      shifting under him, gaining strength, making him heavier and heavier.
      To his astonishment, he found that while his strength allowed him to
      resist the pull and remain standing, he was unable to fly! He was
      becoming so heavy, that he started sinking into the pavement below
      him. The concrete below him suddenly could not longer support his
      weight and it shattered with a crack like thunder. As she watched the
      Earth slowly swallow her opponent, Zephyr was astounded to see a smile
      on his face!

      And then stunned when, light as a feather, he lifted from the hole.

      "Yes, Element Witch, I too am a Master of Gravity. I hope you have
      other options in your elemental bag of tricks, or you will soon be
      vanquished as were your allies!"

      Zephyr needed another second or two to prepare her next spell - and it
      sure didn't look like she was going to get that time. However, she
      could cancel any current spell instantly, and she did so. Valor had
      been using his powers to resist a gravitational pull of many tens of
      g's. At the return of normal gravity he bounced high into the air!

      "It will take all of our efforts to drive him away!" Zephyr jumped in
      surprise as the Huntress appeared next to her, stepping off a glowing
      golden platform that had been created by Corona. Insect Queen landed
      to her left, Corona to her right. "If this really is Vic Valor, he
      should have vulnerability to bright light and intense electricity.
      And even Superman has been affected by ultrasound."

      "I hope I sound more confident that I am!" she thought to herself.
      "Valor somehow ignored my electrical blast, as if he had somehow
      overcome his weakness. Though my taser has nothing like the power of
      a single lightning bolt - and I plan to have this woman hit him with a
      lot more than one."

      'This woman', Zephyr, was speaking. "I sense that he has flown out of
      my gravity-trap. What we do, we must do now!"

      With no hesitation, Huntress outlined her plan. She finished with a
      wry smile "Looks like all I'm good for is bait!"

      "Imps of color and of light, change this woman to all sight!"

      The Huntress disappeared and in her place stood... another Zephyr?
      "Scatter!" the disguised Huntress advised her allies. "OK, ladies, do
      your stuff!"

      Corona enclosed 'Zephyr' in an invisible energy shield, and only just
      in time, as Valor burst from the clouds like an avenging bolt of
      lightning. 'Zephyr' spoke:

      "Spirits of nature around me gather! Make this hit feel like a

      Hidden, the real Zephyr winced! Valor smashed into the shield, and
      though it was driven into the pavement, Helena was unharmed.

      "Furies of Nature vanquish my foe!" 'Zaphyr' commanded.

      Insect Queen's wings were moving at ultrahigh velocities, and she
      focused an intense blast of ultrasound on Valor's head. He couldn't
      hear it, but it was affecting his sense of balance, and the world
      seemed to be rolling slowly around him. Corona created a
      super-powered spotlight and blasted him directly in his eyes. Even
      the light-filtering goggles he had donned years ago were insufficient,
      and pain lanced through his visual system. Closing his eyes didn't
      help. He had to escape, and the only way out was up! But before he
      could fly, the real Zephyr spoke her last spell!

      "Gods of storm around the world, heed my call! Show us your power,
      blast our foe, one and all!"

      Who really knows how many storm gods there are? Zephyr might, and we
      might have found out by counting the lightning bolts that struck Valor
      in the next few seconds. Or we might not, for how many of those gods,
      with a chance to show off to their peers, unleashed more than one
      powerful blast?

      The resulting barrage of lightning was among the most impressive
      displays of Nature's power that had ever been witnessed by humankind,
      and it left the heroines temporarily blinded for long minutes. During
      those minutes, they prayed - if Valor had survived, and was able to
      recover his sight before they did, why, it would be just to bad for
      them. Yet, despite their fears, they remained alive...

      Zephyr's sight returned first, and she launched herself into the air
      to search for their foe. She discovered no traces of him. Could the
      lightning have destroyed him totally, even disintegrated his entire body?

      "Of course it could have! You witnessed the power yourself" she
      thought angrily. "I never expected to kill him!" she could feel guilt
      and knew this day would bother her for a long time. Even she, avatar
      of the Goddess Isis, had underestimated the power that she could
      command, and unleashing that power without proper consideration had
      proved fatal.

      Joanna didn't believe in killing, though the Goddess of whom she was
      an avatar and the ancient Queen who had given her the amulet of Isis
      were more practical.

      "There are times when it is the only possible resolution."

      Joanna refused to believe this - she thought that gods and royalty,
      including even the Goddess Isis, were just too aloof from the concerns
      of humans and did not really understand the value of life to mortals.
      But Zephyr was not simply an avatar of Isis, but a blending, and
      Joanna vowed that her own sensibilities would ever on rule Zephyr's
      actions. Her convictions on this matter never wavered again, even
      when, a half hour later, Dr. Fate assured everyone involved that Valor
      had not died, but instead had been driven off by their combined attack.
    • ddswanson
      Wow, angel, that was the best review I ve ever got. Thanks very much. I m not sure Kandor and Elastic Lad are part of this universe. Sounds like fun, though.
      Message 61 of 61 , Mar 11 3:25 PM
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        Wow, angel, that was the best review I've ever got. Thanks very much.

        I'm not sure Kandor and Elastic Lad are part of this universe. Sounds
        like fun, though.

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