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Re: Federal Spy Chapter 8

Good to see Jim Corrigan here. With that gray streak in his hair, he could've been in his 40s by the time he died.  -- Cheers, Doc Quantum Read stories of
The Time Trust
Feb 3

Re: Read "Justice Society of America: Black Sunset" at 5earths.info!

Actually, "Black Sunset" is the absolute 1,000th story for sure, since I did count the 5earths Multiverse stories after all.  -- Cheers, Doc Quantum Read
The Time Trust
Jan 10

Re: Read "Justice Society of America: Black Sunset" at 5earths.info!

Hey, I just counted all the published stories on the website, and Harvey's "Black Sunset" is the 1,000th story published! (Although, if you could the 4 stories
The Time Trust
Jan 10

Federal Spy Chapter 8

*note the real 1936 Olympic Trials took place in NYC but I'm using this tale to include some golden age characters years before their heroic or side kick
Jan 4

Race Reactions, pt. 2: Hail Mary Pass

Patrick Carmichael, archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Gotham City, was a man of many minds. He had always believed that he was one of the
Jan 3

Race Reactions, pt. 4 (end): Players and Pawns

January, 1989: Maxwell Lord’s hands shook as he brought a cigarette up to his mouth and lit it with a match. It was just nerves; at least, he hoped it was
Jan 3

Race Reactions, part 1: A Crook in the White House

(Author's note: I decided to take a second look at all the discarded bits that remain unpublished from The Race: Book 3, and rewrote them heavily to make them
Jan 3

Race Reactions, pt. 3: Duty of Care

by Farmer Sackett and Doc Quantum Pensacola, Florida: Ben looked up as a young couple roared up in their matching Yamahas. They let the big machines idle
Jan 3

Read "Showcase: Artemis: Momma's Girl" at 5earths.info!

Showcase: Artemis Momma’s Girl by Immortalwildcat Dealing with the death of a parent is hard enough. But when that parent was a super-villainess and
Jan 3

Read "Justice Society of America: Black Sunset" at 5earths.info!

Justice Society of America Black Sunset by HarveyKent A new vigilante killer arises, targeting old, retired super-villains for extermination, with an alarming
Jan 1

Re: Players and Pawns, Epilogue (The Race crossover story)

Note: This short epilogue is meant to propel the Earth-2 Amanda Waller into the next phase of her existence, which I'll leave to another writer. Please note
Dec 30, 2015

Players and Pawns, Epilogue (The Race crossover story)

Amanda Waller pushed herself harder than she ever had before. It wasn't all that difficult, considering how motivated she was by her rage. Jay Garrick had
Dec 30, 2015

Read "Batman Family: 'Twas the Night Before..." at 5earths.info!

Batman Family Batman Family: ’Twas the Night Before… by Vendikarr DeWuff As Sonia Wayne contemplates her place in the world and in the heroic Wayne family,
Dec 24, 2015

Re: Federal Spies Chapter 8

Good chapter. I agree that Philip Wayne would make a great spy.  -- Cheers, Doc Quantum Read stories of your favorite DC Comics characters at the Five Earths
The Time Trust
Dec 21, 2015

Federal Spies Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Sunday, July 5th 1936, Paris France Phillip Wayne was landing his new 1936 Fairchild 24 Model F civilian airplane, also known as “the Cadillac of
Dec 18, 2015
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