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  • The Time Trust
    May 6, 2014
      Cool. Sandra of the Secret Service! I was hoping we'd see her. More info about her here:

      That page gives her full name as Sandra McLane (or McClane), not Moore. Which is it?

      Clever use of a young Steve Trevor and a somewhat younger Philip Darnell.

      And, of course, Valonia is the same nation where Dick Grayson (Red Robin) and Karen Starr (Power Girl) were married, as seen in BATMAN FAMILY: THE WEDDING MARCH.

      (Before that, Valonia appeared in a late 1940s story, in which Dick Grayson was mistaken for that nation's Prince Stefan, as seen in "His Highness, Prince Robin," in World's Finest Comics #26 (January-February 1947).)
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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      Chapter 3 The Secret Service Agent
      Friday July 3rd 1936, Tirana Albania
      The head of the US Secret Service had Bart drive two blocks and then told him to pull over and let him drive. Once their supervisor was in the driver’s seat he reached into his inner coat pocket, handing both Sally and Bart a set of papers. “Read this he said, “I’ll answer any questions after you’ve read them.” Sally and Bart started to read the report filed by one of the United States top spies in Europe, Sandra Moore.
      Sandra was exhausted; she had just finish an assignment which stopped a civil was from exploding in a small European country. She was looking forward to going back home to America. She was just putting the last of her things in her small travelling valise when the phone rang. Frowning she answered the phone.
      The hotel manager was one the other line, his English was broken and heavily accented by his native Serbian. “Miss Moore there is an American man from the embassy to see you.”
      Sandra had the man sent up to her room. He was a handsome earnest young man with blond hair and bearing of a soldier. “I take it you’re the aide of the embassy’s military attaché?” she said with her ever winning smile.
      “Yes Ma’am. Lieutenant Trevor, Steve Trevor. Major Darnell says that you have a message from Washington and I’m to bring to the embassy’ said the young man.
      “Right, would you please take by bag Steve.”
      “Of course Ma’am”
      “You can call me Sandra. And Steve you’ll never impress a lady if you call her ma’am.”
      “Yes Ma…Sandra” said the blushing Army Second lieutenant just out of West Point. “I have a car waiting right outside.
      The drive was short, but pleasant as Sandra enjoyed the young officers company. It’s too bad I’m headed off to another assignment she thought; it would be fun getting to know Steve better. They arrived and went directly to major Darnell’s office.
      Darnell was an officer fast approaching middle age. Sandra mused how America’s dedicated military men had been so slow to advance in rack since the War. She guessed why so many stayed because of the dire economic times of today, but that didn’t explain why a man Darnell’s age stayed back in the booming times of the Roaring Twenties. Darnell came right to the point. “We received this coded message to be delivered to you. You’re to call the head of the secret service straight away. Steve escort Miss Moore to the communication room and see she isn’t disturbed.”
      Sandra asked one question “What do you know about this Major Darnell.”
      “Only that I’m to have you on a plane to the Island of Valonia with some reading material about where you’re going  after you’ve talked to your boss.”
      Once she was in the communication’s room she opened her purse and took out a pen and paper because the communication she would receive from the head of the secret service would be encrypted and it would take a while for her to decode it. Three hours later she emerged. She had a quick bit at the embassy with major Darnell and then was driven out to the airport by Second Lieutenant Trevor. She quickly boarded chartered plane. The flight took two hours, long enough for her to read about the Mediterranean Island Principality of Valonia its main Casino’s annual Million-Pound Invitational Poker Tournament

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