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  • The Time Trust
    May 5, 2014
      Finally have a chance to catch up on stories.

      Bart Regan, for those unaware of his identity, is the protagonist of the SPY series that began in Detective Comics #1, which had a cover date of March, 1937, thus placing it in the "future" of this story. Bart was a federal agent at this time, but was not an actual spy -- that would happen in Detective #1 and in the immediate issues following, where his girlfriend/future wife Sally Norris was also revealed to be recruited as a spy (in issue #5).

      More info on Bart Regan can be found here:

      I'm guessing at this earlier time, Bart wasn't engaging in espionage missions yet, but was still a valuable federal agent. Looking forward to future developments!
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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      by Dave Barnowski (posted here at his request)

      Chapter 1 The Apartment
      Monday July 6th 1936, Washington DC
      Bart Regan took put away his straight edge razor and wiped the foam lather from his face. He had the handsome face that any Hollywood producer would love. He could act too, but not in the movies. His roles were much more realistic and dangerous since he was a US Secret Service Agent practiced in working undercover. He moved with the practiced grace of a dancer even though he had the look like a heavyweight weightlifter.  Bart walked out of the bathroom saying to Sally Norris, his partner in many ways, that the bathroom “was yours.”
      Sally was his lover and his partner at the Secret Service; though they had to keep their romantic relationship because government policy would dictate that they separate as partners in the agency if it were known. Thus they each had their own apartment as well as a third one which they shared.
      She was a raven haired beauty who was skilled athlete, actress, makeup artist and a better shot with a pistol than Bart. Sally was a woman ahead of her time as she stood next to Bart as an equal both in their professional and personal lives. She was a feminist before the word was coined
      Bart had wired their shared apartment with two phone lines with the same number as each of their own apartments in an effort to keep his boss from finding out about his and Sally’s relationship. His phone rang as he was finishing getting dressed. He put the ear piece up to his ear and spoke into the mouthpiece. “Hello” he said.
      He recognized the voice on the other end as it said “Bart, meet me at the FBI building please. We’re having a meeting with Hoover and one of his top agents. Would you pick up Sally and bring her down to since her apartment is on the way. I’ll give her the head’s up.”
      Sally was just coming out of the bath room when Bart replied “No need Chief, I’ll call her as soon as I get off the phone. Can you tell me what’s this is about?”
      “Not over the phone” Just meet me at Hoover’s office at 10 o’clock sharp. He’s a stickler for punctuality.”
      Sally quickly finished dressing and they left their shared apartment. They didn’t know it but they would not return until before end of summer.

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