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17185RE: Re: [The JSA All-Star Story Site] RE: Read "Showcase: Obsidian: The Piano Woman"

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  • sandyhausler
    Oct 24, 2013

       I agree that it’s great to see Lady Obie again, and hope she can find the time to post some stories.


      And for your information, Doc, I am working on two chapters of the Outsiders story – the origin of the Spirit and the first meeting of two of the heroes that I’ve created for this story.


      Hope to see how There’s Something about Gerri turns out.  And your Nine Month story about Infinity Incorporated.


      Sandy Hausler

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      Lady Obie!!! Glad you could drop by. I liked this cute little slice of life story, so I'm glad I could finally publish it on our website (www.5earths.info).

      Yes, Yahoo Groups has certainly slowed down quite a bit over the last few years. I've been thinking quite a bit about alternatives to Yahoo, especially now that the groups are more difficult to use for some users. Unfortunately, as useful as Facebook and Twitter are, they're still not a good replacement for email lists for primarily story posts.

      I'd really like to get our current members more active again, and get more active members as well. But it seems like a tough, uphill battle catching people's interests when there's so much other stuff out there.

      The new website, as well as the Facebook page and Twitter, have done quite a bit in reaching a new audience of mostly silent readers, but not many potential new writers.
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

      Read stories of your favorite DC Comics characters at the Five Earths Project!

      From: ladyobie33 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com>
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      Subject: [The JSA All-Star Story Site] RE: Read "Showcase: Obsidian: The Piano Woman"

      Heh, I wrote and posted this story about 7-10 years ago but don't mind seeing it get more attention now.
      It actually is a focus on Frances more than Todd (with Todd being the main named supporting character - as in the one other readers would most recognize) and is just a vignette-style writing of a character's life outside of bashing supervillains and saving the world. I hope no one will be disappointed by the lack of current superhero action in this story.
      I've actually come to realize I'm more inclined to just write this kind of thing and not so much stuff with superheroes and villains knocking the crap out of each other and even more recent stories I've written have leaned this way.
      Also as an aside, things aren't as they used to be with Yahoo Groups. It seems like everyone is moving to Facebook, Twitter and so on.
      But I do have a lot of fond memories based in them and even if I don't have much time to post in my groups I do try and check in with them as much as I can, even if I just lurk in the shadows (pun definitely intended! LOL).
      Lady Obie

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      Showcase: Obsidian
      The Piano Woman
      by LadyObie33

      Months ago, Frances Kane awoke after having been impersonated by a being called the Phoenix for nearly a year as part of an attempt to gain the power of the Starheart, and she's been trying to get her life back in order ever since. Thankfully she has the help of a good friend in Obsidian of Infinity Inc.


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