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  • Doc Quantum
    Aug 28 10:20 AM
      Strange, but neither this chapter, nor Epilogue 2 even showed up in my inbox. I wonder if I've missed other chapters as well.

      --- In theJSAallstarstorysite@yahoogroups.com, onlydavb <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Chapter 22
      > Times Past
      > Memories
      > Opal City Monday July 27th 1966
      > Larry was smoking a cigarette as he paced around the swimming pool at the Knight Mansion. Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt had transport him there immediately after they had taken down the Light. This was now a JSA affair. They had to figure out how to heal the people of Opal City whose minds the Light had tampered with. Larry wanted to see Dinah but Doris Knight told him that both she and her husband were in with Dr. McNider. Doris was sitting by the pool pretending to read. Larry smiled as he looked at her. He took deep drag off his cigarette and said "Doris, you don't have to pretend you're reading a magazine. I know you're just as nervous as me."
      > Doris looked up and Larry before saying "I'm not worried Larry. This is really an interesting article."
      > "Must be" replied Larry, "Because you haven't turned the page in the last five minutes."
      > Doris shook her head as put the magazine down. "I didn't know you were paying attention."
      > "I wasn't really" said Larry, "until I saw that you were holding it upside-down."
      > Doris smiled and laughed, a real genuine laugh, something she had been unable to do much of for the past year. "Thank you Larry" she said graciously.
      > "You're welcome" he said.
      > The two stood there nervously in dark by the pool waiting for their friend, Doctor McNider's prognosis. Larry reached into his shirt pocket and took out another cigarette. He was about to light it when Charles came out. Larry felt an immediate immense relief when he saw the smile on his old friend's face.
      > Ten minutes later he was in a guest bedroom. Dinah was there; she had clear eyes and was her old self again. The hugged and cried together for a long, long time. Eventually Dinah and Larry regained their composure. Dinah said "Larry I know the affair between Ted and I was just a false memory the Light planted in my head but it seems so real."
      > "Yeah, I know Doll. But it's not real or even complete. I mean, as I understand it the Light set it up so you would have a horrible growing self-revulsion, shame and guilt every time you thought about it coupled with and overwhelming compulsion to dwell on it. Therefore the dream didn't have to be complete. So you really have no idea what Ted looks like naked" explained Larry. "I mean is Ted's bellybutton an innie or an outie?"
      > Dinah looked at her husband and tried to say with certainty what type of navel Ted Knight had but she could not. She smiled at her husband before saying "Charles told me it was you who uncovered this horrible thing Larry, but he didn't say how."
      > Larry then proceeded to tell her how he had tracked down the Light. Dinah insisted that she wouldn't have been able to do what Larry had done.
      > "Nonsense Doll, you're Richard Drake's daughter. He was Gotham City's best detective. He taught you everything he knew. Besides that you are the Black Canary. You are a better detective than me. Do what I did" he said as he took out a manila envelope from his coat pocket. "These pictures were all the evidence I needed to start my investigation because they told me you weren't in your right mind when you told me you had an affair with Ted."
      > Dinah looked at the envelope and then at her husband. "Larry I can't."
      > "Doll you know that those memories were planted in your head. These photos aren't real. Go beyond the disgust they'll bring. Look at them without emotion and you'll see them for what they are – fakes." Larry held his wife's hand and lovingly said "Dinah it's the only way you'll ever go back to being the Black Canary. It's also the only way you can confirm for yourself that someone planted memories in your head."
      > Dinah looked down at the envelope for several minutes. Larry watched as her as her old determination came to the fore. Crisply she ripped open the envelope and looked at the photos. She was repulsed by them at first. Then she forced herself to look at the entire photograph. "The lighting, Larry, the lighting-these things are fake as hell. Those memories of me and Ted are phony."
      > "Yep" said Larry with a smile. They hugged, kissed and cried for a long time before Dinah said "Larry we have to show these to Ted. He has to see this for himself."
      > "I know" said Larry. "But Dinah Ted was in worse shape than you were for a long time. You only caught up to him recently. And he's not a detective but he's got to see the evidence for himself."
      > "You're not giving Ted enough credit Larry" replied Dinah. "He's a scientist and has a highly analytical mind. That's how we'll approach him when we show him these. He'll see it once he gets over the shock value of these things. Then we'll burn them."
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