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6007RE: Hello all, been a while

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  • Susan H. Simko
    Jun 20, 2013

      Not much different from you, Ed, though I didn’t go to school and get a degree.   I lost my dad in March to suicide.  No idea why as I talked to him the night before and we were laughing and joking.  My stepmom who adored him (and he adored her) doesn’t understand why either.  They were happy, bought a new house for cash last June which was everything they wished for (dad – a screened porch, stepmom – a gourmet kitchen), just bought a new Lexus for cash.  Not a money problem obviously so no real idea why, just some guesses.   


      Still having problems accepting it. My head knows he did it, knows he’s gone but my heart still doesn’t want to believe it.


      Hope you do well with your book on Amazon!


      Susan in NC

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