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  • the-enclave@yahoogroups.com
    Feb 2, 2013
      List rules for The Enclave

      The following etiquette notice automatically mails to new members and to the
      list once a month as a gentle reminder to play nice.

      The Enclave is a nice and cozy group primarily for the discussion of Faith Hunter�s books about Thorn St. Croix and friends. Faith is wandering around here, and pops up with comments and answers from time to time, too.
      Here are some list etiquette rules and suggestions:

      ---Let�s try to keep it clean! Please, nothing over a PG-13 rating.

      ---Please avoid hot-button topics like politics. You think the prez is dumb or Obama is hot or similar topics -- keep it to yourselves, please.

      ---No jokes. Except blonde jokes. Wait�Faith is blond. So no blonde jokes either.

      ---Faith knows her books are about religion, and this list is open to all kinds of discussion about religion. But onlist or offlist bashing, flaming, telling people that they are going to hell if they don�t believe as you believe, is verboten. You *will* be banned.

      ---Please do not spam the list. This includes forwards and chain mail. Bill
      Gates is never going to send you money. We�re not interested in discount prescription drugs. I�m sure that your baby will win the cutest baby contest without our help.
      Faith will personally send devil spawn after you if you spam. They are Darkness, but spawn will eat anything, even their own kin�spammers. Crunch, slobber, blood gushing everywhere. Mwhaahaahaahaa.

      ---Try to stay on topic. Books.

      ---Please, trim your posts. This means removing as much of previous replies,
      signatures, and yahoo generated ads as possible.

      ---Think about the volume of email flooding the boxes of others: try to avoid
      responses of �Me, too!� �LOL!� and �Oh! Yes!�

      ---Keep your personal information to yourselves � addresses, phone. This is for your protection.

      ---Attachments and photos, PG-13 appropriate, may be posted in the Files section.

      ---Faith has open a recommended books section in the files.

      ---Keep the subject line current to the topic. Change it when necessary.

      ---When a new book comes out, follow spoiler etiquette.

      ---Drooling over characters is certainly permitted. Put �HOT� in the subject
      line so the droolers can recognize each other :)

      ---When someone invokes the phrase "Let's kirk this," Or "Kirk vs, EIH," it means, let�s agree to disagree, because this topic is driving me nuts.
      Drop the topic at that point. Period.

      ---The BIG RULE: Author bashing will NOT be tolerated. Mostly by the
      overprotective and loving fanbase. ;) Well thought out opinions and
      constructive criticisms are okay. Name calling is not. This extends not just
      to Faith Hunter and her bestest pal Kim Harrison, but other authors as well.
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