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TOE; and, time-space

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  • thalprin
    I continue to think that a real Theory of Everything will naturally arise once man has more than a category header, a true meaning a/o
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2010
      I continue to think that a real Theory of Everything will naturally arise once man has more than a category header, a true meaning a/o
      definition/understanding, of time-space - and that isn't as easy for him as he thinks right now because while it may be a natural addition, time-space is in and of itself, as a subcategory, of a different sort than say length, width, so on.

      For example try something like this; length, height, days.

      In this/that respect adding time-space really means first accurately defining what time-space is and how these two subcategories or system sets align a/o overlap, as well as any other relative assocs, in particular, for time-space itself.

      Right now, as I see it, it looks to me like man has the category headers, time-space, however he is, at the moment, still very much in process of actually acquiring real (aka 'working') definitions.

      I kind of look at it like this; If you don't know how a radiator works it might be quite easy to speculate that you could fit a radiator into a blueprint of/for a car (and any number of various designs/cars) any number of ways, however once you know how a radiator works it's kind of obvious what it is, how it works, and
      where it does/does not go.

      The really interesting part will be when we see if time-space has/hasn't more-in set - 3-D is/may be a natural trinity a/b time-space, this is interesting; will man turn out to be progressing his understanding and theories on-forward via an increasing a/o decreasing quantity of qualities-sets. If it turns out that
      time-space, in fact, is a set/setting thus 3-D (3), time-space (2); I could certainly see where (1), having the capacity to encompass solitary and all-encompassing, might show up on the horizons; the end of the line, the beginning of the line, I guess we'll find out then - and, at that time I'd guess man will actually and realistically define some sort of working understanding of TOE.

      We use time-space in our accounting; like what time is it, what day is it, like lat. and long., where are you so on, a/b truth is that's really just 3-D measurements in a more macro setting - iow, when it comes to time-space itself (wehat is it) we're really Kind of at a point as like the early ocean-explorers wherein man sees there's vast oceans (currents, depths, so on, included) out there to explore, discover, navigate, map/chart, so on and so forth.

      Myself, I think it's likely that mankind will learn quite a lot about
      layering/laps, spirals/pressures, depth and densities - so, I'd gander a guess about some cool new advances in the Space and Oceanic Sciences and Applied Sciences.

      Other than that, I think time travel is an ironic idea; I don't think that understanding time-space will ever enable anyone to travel back in time.

      I think understanding time-space will enable man to design crafts that can/will travel many times quicker than those of today or to build much better vessels for space and deep sea exploration/living; and I also think that man will be able to make some extraordinary advances in the Life Sciences, health and longevity for example - really, a variety of physical advances (weaponry included, sad-but-true) but I seriously doubt that anyone will ever be traveling
      back in time.

      When/if I hear talk about time-travel (ie traveling back in time) I tend to think it's just another fine example that we don't actually know what time isn't/is.

      Understanding time-space, which I, obviously, think is next step paramount for the advancement of mankind, is, imo, more likely to provide man with a new replacement for fossil fuel than it is to send anyone back in time.
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