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178Organ Donations (Nope, not for me)

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  • thalprin
    Feb 25, 2013
      I've been reading quite a lot about organ donations/transplants the last couple of weeks and some of the surprising ethical and unethical ways in which donors have been being searched for a/o found.

      I feel really sad for people that are sick; evidently, too, there are not enough organs to go around so there's a thriving white and black market as well.

      Myself, I c/wouldn't ever donate my body to science or donate any of my organs (nor my sons who state that they feel the same way) since it's against our religious/spiritual principals and practises (just as disappearing or being replaced by an afront would be) - sorry, it is our inherent right to decline a/b I do hope that people heal via improved medical care a/o new advances in medicines.

      Also, I understand that there are gangs and networks in the world today and that sometimes they get or have enormous advantages over others due to their group dynamics and various technological skills but I'd still like to know that they have real consciences towards others and aren't out there to advantage - personal gain, profit, power, greed, jealousy, envy, want - these can be huge motivators in people's lives but there truly is right and wrong in this world; we live in a world of laws (for a reason) some of which serve us very well to let us know when/if we're crossing important and ethical lines.

      Civilization will either be lifted up to its highest living example or drug down to its lowest level - our individual and group dynamics/actions influence this endeavor; and it all depends which world we really work for a/o want to live in.