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  • thalprin
    Feb 2, 2013
      Paths are important. Trying to decide for yourself the direction in which you want to steer your life is probably a sign of maturity - at any rate, usually it is.

      I see sex and spirituality placed in various ways and indeed sometimes as polar opposites and sometimes as .=.

      Truth is, hormones, from what I see, are a powerful physical force in most people, however, sex never fills the heart/soul (it's no substitute for "love") though it does satiate the body appetite which in turn can bring a temporary mental/emotional calm, until it sends you running or hunting again for that elusive 'contentment' a/o next/new fix, so on.

      Spirituality, in truth, is no substitute for sex because it simply cannot have or impart the same physical aspects/impact.

      Really, sex, spirituality, these are perhaps two different locks/keys - think it over and you might see what I mean.

      How people guide or live their lives often does revolve around the home they are/built or 'envision' - home as in your united self, combined of its many layers/aspects.

      There are various attributes (for a couple of examples):

      Lose yourself into too many people = twisted up, confusion and loss of

      Denigrate your/others (body/mind/spirit) = dirty bath water and all its shun and consequences.

      Most people are looking for peace, happiness/contentment, meaning, love - not even knowing what they're looking/sensing for unless or until they feel such for themselves.

      And why? Because one-size does not fit all - so this is a good thing even if it ended up causing definitional confusion nonetheless this we learn for/of ourselves.

      The important thing I think is to own the ground beneath your feet, be stand up, comfortable in your own skin, truthful, caring, genuine/ethical and approach yourself (and all others) with these same gifts or real qualities - do that and you may have the good fortune of having some natural assistance/blessings (reflection) during your life's journey a/o contemplations.

      My best advice is to be happy in and of yourself - partner(s)/sex and higher powers/spirituality (refraction), these such jewels are just that - and it's always best not to squander any true wealth.