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  • thalprin
    Jan 30, 2013
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      Have you heard the story about keeping your 'treasure' safe, so safe that the yeast dies and then you have no starter for bread?

      Have you heard the story about cooking your food until it's so overdone and then 1. there's nothing to eat, and 2. nobody wants to eat at your house.

      Have you heard the story about....

      Ever walked into a room wherein the air or mood was stifling, just makes you tired, it's draining or overwhelmed - at any rate, noone stays there long, standstill (52) doesn't have much of a pulse - big diff between standstill and pause; big diff. between going somewhere or doing something and being nowhere with the foggy feet/head or rehashing the same old movies again and again (1st time like the last time like the next time like now).

      If Jesus walked on water ...it must've been really cold where he was.
      A phrase like that can mean so many things, for example, off the top of my head:

      He left the river.
      He fasted a/o enjoyed a liquid diet.
      He built a boat bridge. (Several, especially 'warriors' did.)
      He lived (or, traveled-to) some place where it was really cold

      The mistakes you make in the past you might not make in the future.
      The charades you've played in the past you might well, again, try to be replaying.

      The beauty about this little set is, of course, in the learning.
      And, just in case you forget; surely, there are always reminders.

      Jesus's Epitaph:
      Worth more dead than alive.

      Man is alive which contributes to life which in turn expands the expression and experiences of life; and, perhaps, in due course, advances life too.

      It's a wonderful thing.

      I think there are lots of stories about shepherds and flocks because, well, farmers of life stock would want not skiddish, cowed-down and brow-beaten stock, but herds that are strong, and able, friendly/co-friendly and smart.

      Of course a herder wants their herd to recognize them and adapt some basic common sense rules a/b there is no herder nor shepherd that runs a good herd by beating them into submission or teaching them to beg because that tends to produce meanies and weaklings, so on, really.

      The fun herds are the ones with personality, individualism, brains and character - hands full or not, no doubt those are the best.

      At the end of the day, if there's a Shepherd checking things out they'll be judging their own effort/work via the strengths and characters of their herd.

      The flock that doesn't see the shepherd/s a lot is mostly likely being
      given (the gift of) free range - very few shepherds abandon their herds, or wanna be connected at the hips.

      Really, more than anything it's, perhaps, good example of a style/motif, and an inherent belief that all in all everything's fine.
      Sometimes shepherds like that come around only when/if there's work to be done a/o the herd has needs to be tended to.

      It's, also, a compliment on a herds capacity to be and benefit from being (and enjoying) free range.

      Ever since radio/tv more and more it's all about the soundbite, the line, the look, the adversarial gladiator games of proponents and their brute force a/o stripping skills - it's funny to watch and unsettling too but it's not true discourse nor is it really conversation.

      People talk but they're not talking.
      People hear but they're not listening.

      They're too busy with their plans on creating distance and height; right and wrong; black and white; their mighty machines full of gray-scale.

      Crops that reach maturity are the ones that tend to fruit.

      Harvesting seedlings as a perpetual means is kind of a bizarre farming

      Have you heard the story about what happened when altruism got promoted to a smaller office?

      Perhaps the biggest problem with religion and politics is that they never walk into a bar just to order a drink.

      I've been thinking about prayer and meditation a bit, for example:

      Prayer seeks to fill.
      Meditation seeks to empty.
      Put a bottle of wine between the two and we'd have a Drunkard.

      Prayer starts.
      Meditation pauses.
      So I guess they'll always be speaking with a stutter.

      Prayer and meditation have a heart to heart:

      Prayer closes its eyes, and opens its mouth.
      Meditation opens its eyes, and closes its mouth.

      And, it's interesting too that Meditation is natally East:

      East; pauses, empties.
      West; fills, and that's where we find our starter (or yeast).

      Myself, I'm a big fan of: Drink water, carry jug.
      Being and doing.

      Love, consideration, dignity, respect; they're always our best feet....

      Paranormal, aka supra-natural, basically, as I've seen falls into two
      categories, natural and 'man'made - natural is about a connective development between the biochemical/bio-electrical nature of mankind and his biochemical/bio-electrical environment - I'd guess ultimately advancing in some evolutionary sort of link/up-link - these individuals of supra-nature end up being sort of key-coded within their surroundings wherein m/l we'd call them (in varying stages/degrees) nature kids - At any rate, these advances may be due to the bio-electrical or um crystaline nature of dendrite/synaptic activity/pathing (brain/map) nature wherein certain experiences, make-ups and histories, a/o thoughts are not so unlike a jeweler's carves creating over time a/o ultimately in some instances m/l a faceted gem (via bio-electrical/bio-chemical geometries) that in fact appear to perform (receptive/creative) at times quite differently (or don't), basically, creating a dynamics apparatus with light/charge, which occilates or aligns in natural occurrence and accord.

      Due, in part, to this evolutionary advancement being afoot more and more individuals appear to be experiencing what we'd yet call parts and parcels (quirks) of the natural fringes of experience - if I were to gander a guess.

      Para-natural is a huge multi-faceted subject; what I've written is merely one point on topic. And, 'man'made is different, different rap, there's always a B side - at least.

      When it comes to natural or manmade supras people want to know the answers, of course, but you can't really have or own those reliable answers before (as anyone who does math knows) you actually finish doing the calculations yourselves - so, mankind enters a new-old field and with all of his guesses and cheatsheets - however, it is his responsibility to proof these things himself or he will never really thoroughly mature, and advance. Big difference between knowing yourself a/o knowing something you've been told even if m/l the end
      results look/feel like they are/would be simi/same -

      Whole lot of gamblers gambling on what our answers are/might be - basically, that's entertainment as a means of assumptive exploration, imo - iow when man finishes researching and studying and calculating such topics he'll earn the pleasure and satisfaction of a rightful knowledge, or he won't - that's his choice.

      Denial is always an option without reward.

      You can plant a seed but you can't control a tree.

      The thing playwrights should try and grasp is that as good as they are/get or as hot as they are/get with their intentions - reality has the right of way - no pretense about it.

      "Look I made my self a deed to your house, I elected myself an officer of your estate, I claim your baby in the name of... what do you mean that's just silly." (too funny)

      The thing is: there's enough original to go around; make some and you'll understand.

      Emotional contentment, only when/if it's genuine, is a long lasting cure for the I want/I need which in turn produces the actualized capacity of I care/I share.