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154Exit stage left

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  • thalprin
    Dec 18, 2011
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      I've known several psychologists/psychiatrists in my life; my fav lives in WA, his parties are always a trip to attend. The most important thing I think he's ever told me is that most people who venture into these fields do so initially because they want to understand the oddities going on in their own heads a/o their own lives.

      After meeting many of his friends I'm inclined to think that's true. That and the effort to dogma people's heads/hearts which is also a fundamental reason these fields are pursued. I've certainly seen that too. And while research in these fields is of course an important aspect to understanding humanity I think it's fairly clear when/if someone keeps talking m/l repeating selected general excerpts related to these areas a/b appears to know very little about such matters that it's most probably a utility item/angle being used to in fact impress upon and brainwash people into mental or emotional submission/dependence which, yeah, is not such an impressive tactic to watch - aka exit stage left.