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14FW: reverse planning for CMR

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  • Kumar Gaurav
    Apr 18, 2006
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      Please find the CMR reverse plan for 23rd and provide your valuable inputs.

      Your feed back and inputs are appreciable, valuable and always welcome.


      Name of the event: The Complete Meditation Retreat

      Date:                      23.04.06

      Time:                      9.00 am to 1.30 p.m.

      Venue:                   Tejgyan foundation, Valentina Society, North Main Road , Koregaon Park , Pune.



      16th Sunday – 1. Poster affixation:

      a.       Gold Adlabs ( 2 Posters)

      b.      Rajput Dhaba

      c.       At Shatranj Hotel Bus Stop ( 2 Posters)

      d.      Pizza Hut

      e.       Prem’s Restaurant

      f.        Osho lane ( 4 poster- @lane entry/Exit and in front of Osho Ashram)

      g.       German Bakery ( 2 Poster)

      h.       Subway

      i.         KP petrol Pump

      j.        One at Inox Theater

      k.      2 Near Valentina Society


      2. Pamphlets Destribution :

      a.       Osho Lane

      b.      German Bakery

      c.       Pune Central

      17th Monday: 1. Poster Affixation:

      a.       Near Pizza Corner (2 Posters)

      b.      Near Inlac Budrani Hospital

      c.       At one Bus Stop, Near Prem’s restaurant

      d.      Kumar City

      2. Pamphlets distribution

      a.       Kumar City

      b.      Gold Adlabs (Mariplex)

      c.       Osho Lane

      d.      Prem’s Restaurant

      e.       Hotel Shatranj

      f.        Inox

      g.       Pune Central

      3. forward an article for Maharashtra Herald

      18th Tuesday: 1. Tuesday Announcement

                             2. Reminder to all tejasthan for announcement

                             3. E mails to old CMR participants

                             4. Pamphlets distribution in Tejashram

                             5. Poster at Snaghvi/ Nigdi and Chinchwad

                             6. Speak to Shilpa madam for Banner and carpets and if possible for chairs


      19th Wednesday: 1. Ready articles for IE and TOI

                                 2. Contact Usha madam for CMR CDs

      20th Thursday: 1. Pamphlets Distribution

      a.       Societys

      b.      Inox

      2. Pravachan announcement

      21st Friday:       1. Pamphlets (Inox/ Gold Adlabs/ Oshos /  Pune Central)

      2. Speak to Sheela / Digamber ji for Water Arrangement and Tea and Snax arrangement

                              3. Remind tr. Krishna for Axn Plan preparation

                              4. Remind Sadanand Bhai for LCD.

                  22nd Saturday: 1. Grab Carpets / chairs  / banners / Prints / Pencils.

                                          2. Books and Cash box for stall

                                          3. Thread to bind banners and cutters

                                          4.Snacks and Tea arrangement

                                          5. Podium ( if required)

      6. Extension board

      7. 2 Mike

      8. Tape

      9. Kenny Cassette

      10. Genset from Dr. Paranjape

      11. Rickshaw for Transportation to KP

      12. Take cash from Mouka (if Required)

      23rd Sunday:    0. Programme start

      a. Sevak for booking on reception ( Ruhi / Ms. Kamdar)

      b.      One TS for parking

      c.       One sevak for Tr.

      d.      One for CD distribution

      e.       One sevak with Pencils.






      Thanks and Regards,

      Kumar Gaurav

      Mobile: +91-9890012825; Land: 020-25 651 178 / 79

      Mail: kumarg@...;  Web: www.zentestlabs.com

      We sow an action, we reap a habit! We sow a habit, we reap a character! We sow a character, we reap a destiny!!!

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