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test of Lk. 11:1-4 in mss 700 and 160

On 4/21/2017 9:24 AM, Jeffrey Gibson jgibson000@comcast.net ... Make that 162. -- Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon.) 1500 W. Pratt Blvd. #1 Chicago, IL 60626
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 22

Claromontanus --> Sinaiticus homoeoteleutons

Hi Folks, The fourth Claromontanus-->Sinaiticus homoeoteleuton is now ready for your study and consideration! The paper by W. R. Meyer gives detail: Galatians
Steven Avery
Apr 21

Harnack on Lk. 11:3

... I think you have misunderstood what I was asking for. I was asking for a witness to Harnack's reading of Lk. 11:3 as saying "give us ... *your* (bread)
Jeffrey Gibson
Mar 30
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