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Re: [textualcriticism] Official NT Manuscript List

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  • Peter Head
    ... Yes. There is nothing OFFICIAL about it; but it is the standard list and heir to the history of other earlier lists. ... Not necessarily; because some
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2005
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      At 11:47 PM 6/2/05, you wrote:
      >I have several "layman-type" questions for those who might know and
      >not mind sharing...
      >1) Is the Kurzgefasste Liste Der Griechischen Handschriften des Neuen
      >Testaments, kept by the Institute for New Testament Textual Research,
      >considered "THE OFFICIAL LIST" of ancient NT manuscripts?

      Yes. There is nothing 'OFFICIAL' about it; but it is the standard list and
      heir to the history of other earlier lists.

      >2) Is Munster usually the first Institute to which new manuscript
      >discoveries are made known?

      Not necessarily; because some people identify new manuscripts and don't
      know about it; or they publish first and then the ms gets noticed by
      Munster. These days it is not unusual for news of new manuscripts to emerge
      on the web or on press releases from the institution which owns it. But if
      I discovered a new ms of the NT I'd be in touch with Munster.
      In my opinion it is useful if it can be done before publication.

      >3) What is the "mechanism" for new manuscript discoveries to be added
      >to the Kurzgefasste Liste?
      You can email them. Recently I sent them photos and transcripts of some new
      mss of these were added to the list. Then they can be published with the
      Liste numbers.

      >4) Are new finds among the Oxyrhychus Papyri immediately submitted to
      >the Munster Institute for cataloging? (sideline: How many more
      >Oxyrhunchus Papyri are there to be deciphered and catalogued, anyway?)

      No, I think they are usually submitted before publication; because
      generally OxyPap volumes publish new NT mss with the Papyrus Number
      allocated. But clearly they were not submitted when they were originally
      Sideline: I don't know the answer beyond "Plenty" (some one recently
      suggested 400-500 more boxes remained to be published - I don't know how
      big the boxes are!).

      >5) Does the Munster Institute, or any other, keep an "official" list
      >of versional NT manuscripts?
      >Thanks kindly,
      >Bryan Cox
      >Plano, Tx
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

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      Sir Kirby Laing Senior Lecturer in New Testament
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