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[textualcriticism] Yahoogroups, Google-groups, Facebook, web forums and more

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  • Steven Avery
    Hi, If Yahoo is problematic, is Facebook the best alternative? (Real question; others may know more online options.) Stephen Goranson The best alternative to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2013

      If Yahoo is problematic, is Facebook the best alternative? (Real question; others may know more online options.)
      Stephen Goranson

      The best alternative to Yahoogroups for this type of inbox-reply forum is probably Google-Groups, although there are a couple of others similar that are probably too rudimentary.

      James Snapp originally intended a google groups forum when Yahoo-neo was first seen as a disaster, and I do get mail from a number of those groups.  James could explain why he passed on that.  Maybe because Facebook seemed more vibrant. Maybe he did not find the moderator interface as strong as Yahoogroups, which tends to be the general knock.

      As to Facebook, it has many differences.  I am involved in the forum of James there, and some others, however I simply do not consider it a yahoogroups alternative. It is better in some ways, and worse in others. Different. Conversational. Does not give you a built-in editor. (Maybe that will change over time. Does it take email entries? I have not tested.) If I have a technical request or a real little paper to write, I will more likely place it on this type of forum before Facebook.

      As for Yahoo-Neo, for those of us who post from email, the Neo problems do not make much of a difference. It is weak on bookmark information, but that is minor. The search is problematic, inferior to what was there before, but again, not necessarily a deal breaker and maybe some day they will get it right.

      There is also the "web forum" approach, that b-greek switched to, and Wieland I believe has one such forum on textual matters. That works pretty good in conversational forums like CARM, however it does not seem to attract much interest in topics like the Bible text issues.  The fact that you have to "check-in" to see what is happening, rather than an easy-read easy-respond email, is cumbersome. Plus the maintenance level tends to be higher.

      So my suggestion ..just stay here, allowing some consideration of google-groups.

      Steven Avery
      Bayside, NY

      I'm inclined to agree. I'm more likely to read an email that comes thru my inbox than I am to do more than scan a random FB post among a gazillion others.
      Dave Washburn

      I've been a member of this group for nearly a decade, but if it moves to Facebook I probably won't follow. Similarly, when B-Greek switched from an e-mail loop to a website, I didn't make the transition. One thing that was extremely valuable to me when I first started in TC was being able to go back and read the thousands of posts on Jimmy Adair's old yahoo group. I hope that, should this site become inactive, that it will at least be kept open in perpetuity for the sake of searching and reading the archives. 
      Daniel Buck

      There is indeed a moderated (or more aptly, policed) Fb group for NT textual criticism at http://www.facebook.com/groups/11404207692/
      Stephen C. Carlson, Ph.D. (Duke)
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