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Re: John 21

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  • Daniel Buck
    Jim Snapp wrote:
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2005
      Jim Snapp wrote:

      <<And it might matter ~ I'd just like to kick this idea around ~ that
      the tilted-T symbol that appears in the margin after Mk. 16:8 in B
      (and which normally appears at the end of books or psalms) also
      appears, I think, in John at 20:30 and 21:1. >>

      The symbol intrudes on the left of the column, just under the line
      in which the verse begins, at John 20:30, and (much fainter) at
      21:1. In both places the beginning of the verse is set off in the
      line by a couple of spaces from the end of the previous verse.

      I can't be sure looking at the online facsimile, but there appears
      to be another one at the end of 21:25.

      So what is the significance of this symbol? Isn't it time someone
      went through the whole MS looking for it? Umlauts were only
      discovered a decade ago, and now we have the full-colour facsimile
      to work with (those whose budgets can afford it)!

      And as for the facsimile at
      http://www.moses.uklinux.net/pdf/Codex-Vaticanus-NT.pdf, how does
      one calculate the page numbers of the MS as compared to pages 2-285
      of the facsimile? I'm trying to coordinate it with the Master List
      of umlauts.
      -Daniel Buck
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