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Re: [textualcriticism] Eugenius Bulgaris and the grammatical gender argument re: heavenly witnesses authenticity

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  • Daniel Buck
    There s a blog devoted to this subject, but apparently it fizzled after a single post. http://the1780letterofeugenius.blogspot.com/ Eugenius Bulgaris
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 21, 2013
      There's a blog devoted to this subject, but apparently it fizzled after a single post.
      Eugenius Bulgaris (1716-1806), the Archbishop of Cherson , a man highly credentialed in the Greek language and an ardent advocate of the Johannine Comma, says this in a letter that he wrote in 1780 (the language in bold print is selectively quoted out of context by Frederick Nolan [1784-1864] in footnote 193 on page 257 in his 1815 book, An Inquiry into the Integrity of the Greek Vulgate).
      The Latin translation is wooden enough to heat my house even on a day like this.

      Daniel Buck
      From: Steven Avery <stevenavery@...>

      Vibrant Debate Period on Eugenius Bulgaris grammatical gender exposition

      This Eugenius Bulgaris analysis was vibrantly referenced, with Eugenius usually clearly named, till about 1830, e.g. in papers by, in generally chronological order from 1805 to 1827:

      George Christian Knapp (1753-1825, writing in Latin)
      Richard Laurence (1760-1838) writing contra Griesbach in general and the Diatribe specifically,
      Frederick Nolan (1784-1864),
      William Hales (1747-1831),
      Thomas Burgess (1756-1837),
      Thomas Turton (1780-1864) writing contra Nolan and Burgess
      William Craig Brownlee (1784-1860).  

      There is likely more, especially in Latin and German.


      Modern Silence on the Greek Language Expert

      Eugenius Bulgaris - Biography

      Let's not forget the actual Greek skill level of this scholar. 
      The Wikipedia article is good, I will only include a little, one other article even discusses his tonal skills.

      Eugenios Voulgaris or Boulgaris (...1716–1806) was a Bulgarian, prominent Greek Orthodox educator, and bishop of Kherson (in Ukraine). Writing copiously on theology, philosophy and the sciences, he disseminated western European thought throughout the Greek and eastern Christian world, and was a leading
      contributor to the Modern Greek Enlightenment.
      Orthodox WIki

      Neohellenica: An Introduction to Modern Greek in the Form of Dialogue (1892) p. 315-322
      Michael Constantinides
      Eugenius Bulgaris (1716-1806)


      After the 1830s,

      Eugenius, in relationship to this grammatical gender argument, is essentially forgotten in the textual literature


      Heavenly WItnesses - Comma Johanneum - 1 John 5:7
      Requested Focus -

      since threads like this have a tendency to go a little wild, and then have to be closed for reading equanimity :-), I am going to make a request to keep the focus only on (1) (2) below, and optionally (3), and not on (4) and (5) (working as a funnel).

      5) Authenticity, Inauthenticity, Copyist error, forgery

      4) manuscripts and Internal evidences

      3) grammatical gender argument

      2) contribution of Eugenius Bulgaris

      1) recognition of Eugenius Bulgaris in the literature


      Please do not go far afield just to make a point, or a rah-rah or a harumph, please .... only go afield if you have something especially vibrant and new to share.  I am hoping to keep the focus on Eugenius Bulgaris and grammatical gender. This is new ground for the recent years revival of interest in the historical debate on :

      1 John 5:7-8 
      For there are three that bear record in heaven,
      the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:
      and these three are one.


      Steven Avery
      Bayside, NY

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