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Nazareth Inscription

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  • ron minton
    Here is an interesting article - Part One concerning the Nazareth Inscription. http://creation.com/nazareth-inscription-1#txtRef3 A sample of the article
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2012
      Here is an interesting article - Part One concerning the Nazareth Inscription.

      A sample of the article dealing with grammar and vocabulary follows:
      The Nazareth Inscription contains words and grammatical structures, which are very similar to those found in several other Greek rescripts of the Emperor Claudius, especially those which in some way deal with the Jews. For example, of the 90 words used in the Nazareth Inscription, the only Greek words or phrases not found in other known rescripts of Claudius are: taphous (graves), tumbous (tombs), ametakinetous (undisturbed), katalelukota (destroyed), kekedeumenous (those entombed), ekserriphota 9extracted), dolo ponero, (wicked fraud), katoxus lithous (tomb stealing stones), kriterion (tribunal), metakinesai (move), kephales katakriton (capital punishment), and tumburuxias (tomb-breaker). Nearly all of these words deal with the specifics of the reason for which this rescript was written, i.e. breaking into tombs, stealing dead bodies, and moving them to other places.
      Grace be with you,
      Ron Minton - Ukraine
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