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[textualcriticism] A new book on the Comma Johanneum

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  • Steven Avery
    Hi Folks, 1 John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. The title translated in
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      Hi Folks,

      1 John 5:7
      For there are three that bear record in heaven,
      the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:
      and these three are one.

      The title translated in English, and the authors name, seems to be here:

      Comma Johanneum: An Approach to its Genuineness on the Basis of Textual Criticism and its Interpretation
      Pavlos D. Vasileiadis �. - 1st ed. - Thessaloniki : Pournaras P. S., 2012. - 132p. ; 22x14cm.
      Original title: K�mma Io�nnou: Mia Pros�ngisi Sti Gnisi�tit� Tou V�sei Tis Kritik�s To� Keim�nou Kai Tis Ermineftik�s Tou
      Includes bibliography
      ISBN 978-960-242-509-1 (Paper-bound) [In Print]
      � 15,97 (Last update: 10/9/2012) ; Price including 6,5% V.A.T.

      Here is a google translation of the blurb:


      How reliable is the text of the Bible you have in your hands?

      There was a consistent process of transfer of the biblical text as the modern printed editions?

      The "Party John" is a typical case study that illustrates and illuminates aspects of these issues. The criticism of the text tries to approach the sacred text in a scientific manner and rule for integrity. The history of interpretation provides a wealth of material relating to the explanations given to cut and reveals prevailing currents of thought in the course of the year.

      This study attempts to capture documented so as to place and time persons, theological currents and written sources that played a significant role in the dramatic adventure of a cut-Party John.

      Contained the texts:

      1. Introduction
      1.1 The overall thematic framework of the letter A John
      1.2 The sections of the letter A John
      1.3 The relevance of the cut A John 5:7, 8 and its interpretation
      1.4 The Ioanneio party within the context of

      2. Genuineness and authenticity: The external evidence
      2.1 The evidence of Greek manuscripts of the NT
      2.2 Evidence from Latin manuscripts of the NT
      2.3 The evidence of other ancient manuscripts of the NT translations
      2.4 The testimony of Greek writers
      2.5 Evidence from Latin authors
      2.6 Findings of current research and modern editions, translations and versions of the CCT
      2.6.1 The Secretariat of the Christian West
      2.6.2 In Greek literature of the Christian East

      3. Genuineness and authenticity: internal reports
      3.1 Modification in transfer
      3.2 Internal and sign agreement

      4. Conclusions

      A Newer and modern translations and versions of the cut A John 5:5-8
      B. Images


      This could be an incredibly helpful contribution to current Bible studies.  It has long been my understanding, verified more and more by continuing research, that the heavenly witnesses verse is the fulcrum verse in the battle of the Bible.  Ignoring or dismissing the verse (e.g. David Charles Parker's reference to "the ridiculous business") is the approach only of those blinded, or ignorant of, the basics of Bible textual studies.

      And I look forward to our learning much more from this new contribution from Greece !  It has been my experience that both historically, and currently, that native Greek speakers, those with true fluency in the language, at times have a special window of understanding.  One of the major historical contributions to the verse studies was published around 1803 in the textual work of  Christian Friedrich Matthaei (1744-1811), the letter written by the superb Greek scholar Eugenius Bulgaris (1716-1808). I have noticed similar in studies of issues like monogenes in John 1:18 and the Granville Sharp issues.  (Not to divert from the issue du jour, the heavenly witnesses.)

      Steven Avery
      Bayside, NY


      In Greek:
      ISBN 978-960-242-509-1
      212 pages
      15,97 Euro

      (picture of cover and Greek explanation from the url above)


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