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RE: [textualcriticism] A Plea: End the Ending of Mark Discussions (or at least 'shorten' them)

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  • Wieland Willker
    I received a lot of feedback. Thanks! Overall I get the impression that it is best to leave things as they are. If you don t like posts regarding certain
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 29, 2012

      I received a lot of feedback. Thanks!

      Overall I get the impression that it is best to leave things as they are.

      If you don't like posts regarding certain topics you can simply delete them, or you can use the filter function of your email program.

      Generally I'd like to advise everybody to keep in mind that this is a scholarly mailing list and that everything you post will be read by 500+ people. Please avoid simple one-liners and full quotes. If you are uncertain if your reply is useful for the list there is always the possibility to reply to a certain person off-list.


      Regarding the issue of the Longer-Ending it would be useful to make yourself familiar with the complete evidence first!

      You could read Jim Snapp's file:


      or my own file:



      I agree with Jim Snapp that a lot of false or misleading information is floating around on the internet regarding the endings of Mark. But I think it is not the function of this list to point these out or to discuss them, except perhaps in extremely outstanding instances. It has been suggested that Jim could set up a website for this material.


      An important point that is often not seen is the distinction one has to make between a) the Long Ending being canonical and b) being an integral part of Mark's Gospel. A lot of churches (and scholars, e.g. Metzger!) consider the Long Ending canonical, i.e. they have it in their lectionary and read and preach it in the church. This canonical question cannot be answered by textual critics. In the end it is a question for the church.

      On the other hand most textual critics consider the Long Ending to be somewhat separate from the Gospel of Mark. It may have been written by someone else, perhaps somewhat later. It makes a secondary impression on many counts and was probably not part of the oldest stratum of Mark's Gospel. This secondary nature is a matter of debate.


      So, if you have *interesting* new evidence regarding the Endings of Mark or have a question that is not answered in the above mentioned files, feel free to discuss that on the list.


      If you want to reply to this post, please do this off-list.



      Best wishes




      Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany


      Textcritical commentary:



      Please check out the TC forum:




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