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MS 1079 - Miscellaneous Details

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  • Vox Verax
    Meet 1079, a minuscule from the 900 s, viewable at the Virtual Manuscript Room. On Image 110 in a lection-list, the Heothina are listed. Mk. 16:9-20 is
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      Meet 1079, a minuscule from the 900's, viewable at the Virtual Manuscript Room.

      On Image 110 in a lection-list, the Heothina are listed.
      Mk. 16:9-20 is included in the list (first line, last line). In the list, the section-number is mentioned; it is SLG = 233. opening = "anastas o _IS_ prwi sab." Closing = "shmeiwn."

      A distinctive decoration is on Image 160 -- a large circle, like a plate with a simple cross on it. Three smaller circles are positioned at the edge of the plate, west, north, east.

      On Image 170 there is a cruciform inscription/colophon.

      Image 180 has a big hole in it. Some sort of introductory material is on this page.

      Eusebius' Letter to Carpian begins on 190. The title is in uncials. The opening "A" is big. The text stops halfway down the page, as if there was some problem taking the microfilm-picture. Image 200 is likewise only visible in the upper half. Ad Carpian concludes on 210. Its closing-title is in uncials. Strips of this page have been cut out.

      Eusebian Canon tables occupy 220, 230 (which is only half present; this time the right half is absent), 240 (the left half is absent), 250 (a strip has been cut out), 260, 270, 280, 290.

      On Image 300 the chapter-list for Matthew begins; the title and the list itself are in uncials. 310, 320, 330 contain the chapter-list.

      340 is blank.
      350 has a full-page picture of Matthew, standing, holding a codex and facing the viewer.
      360 is blank.

      The text of Matthew begins on 370.

      On 500, the Beatitudes are formatted like poetry.

      The Lord's Model Prayer is on 570.

      On 1160, Mt. 17:24 begins.
      (Mt. 17:27 – no THN before QALASSAN)

      On 700, Mt. 9:11 has EIPON, and has KAI PINEI; 9:12 has _IS_, and 9:13 has AUTOIS, ELEON (instead of ELEOS), and EIS METANOIAN.

      On 1080-1090, Mt. 16:2-3 is present, with "Hypocrites."

      On 1180, 18:11 is included in the text.

      On 1310, 21:4 has OLON, and DIA.

      On 1430-1440, 23:12-13: order agrees with TR.

      On 1610, in 26:9 the TOIS before PTWCOIS is not in the text, but is added in the margin.

      On 1620, Mt. 26:20 has MAQHTWN (without AUTOU).

      On 1630, 26:27 has TO after LABWN, 26:28 has TO THS KAINHS

      On 1710, no Caesarean readings are in 27:16-17.

      On 1740, 27:35 does not have the last part of the verse.

      On 1790, 28:9 has the long reading at the beginning.

      On 1800, the text of Matthew ends. The subscription
      is in uncials.

      1810 is blank.

      1820 has a picture of Mark, standing.

      The text of Mark starts on 1850 (page #90).

      On 2700, Mk 15:13 has LEGONTES after EKRAXAN. 15:14 has PERISSWS EKRAZON.

      On 2720, Mk. 15:28 is present in the text.

      On 2750, 16:8 has DE instead of GAR.

      Arabic notes are in the margin near Mark 16:1 and 16:9.

      Luke begins on 2830.

      On 2930 in the lower margin there is a note in Arabic, and what looks like some sort of doodle resembling an abstract rabbit.

      Beginning on 3000, the genealogy is written with one name per line. Notes and crude decorations are written sloppily in the margins.

      On 4160-4170, Lk. 22:43-44 is in the text (with EGENETO DE) but it is accompanied by asterisks in the margin, one asterisk per line.

      On 4260 there is a margin-note in Arabic, near Luke 24:1. (Arabic notes accompany most of the beginnings of the Heothina-lections.)

      On 4280, in Lk. 24:13 the text reads EKATON EXHKONTA, but the EKATON has been partially erased.

      More Arabic is at the top of 4310.

      4430 is blank.

      A picture of John is on 4440.

      Before the chapter-list for John there is a page of tightly written unknown material, extending on to the next page into the upper margin above the beginning of the text of John. I may have seen a reference to Ammonius in the part above the text of John 1.

      The chapter-list for John is in uncials. This is accompanied by a simple table/list of parallel Sections.

      The text of John begins at 4390.

      On 4450 comments cram the lower margin.

      On 4560-4570, Jn. 5:4b-5 is accompanied by asterisks in the left margin (one asterisk per line of text). The asterisks appear to only be directed at the part about the angel, not the initial phrase that says that the afflicted people were waiting for the moving of the waters.

      John 7:53-8:11 is included, without asterisks. On 4810, in Jn. 8:6, the text does not have KATE- (just EGRAFEN), and after EIS THN GHN it has MH PROSPOIOUMENOS.

      On 5410, John 20 begins (and there's another Arabic note in the margin, and in the margin of 5420).

      On 5450, John 21 begins (and there's another Arabic note.)

      The text of John ends on 5490. The closing-title is in uncials. In the lower half of the page there are some notes in a non-ancient script; this might be something written down when the MS was obtained in the 1800's.

      5510 is a filler page (or cover??); it looks old and glazed; there are some letters on it, written vertically.

      I collated Mk. 16:9-20 in 1079 against RP-2005; here are the results:

      9 – 1079 has SABBATWN instead of SABBATOU
      10 – 1079 has APELQOUSA instead of POREUQEISA
      19 – 1079 does not have OUN after O MEN
      19 – 1079 has _KS_ _IS_ (not just _KS_)
      20 – 1097 does not have AMHN after SHMEIWN

      Yours in Christ,

      James Snapp, Jr.
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