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Re: [textualcriticism] Need to find out if there is language peculiar to Isaiah and [Deutero-]Zechariah

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  • Rob Kashow
    Dear Chris, Re: Floyd, I am assuming you are now doubt familiar with his work Massa as a Type of Prophetic Book in JBL 2002. Your question really is a
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      Dear Chris, 

      Re: Floyd, I am assuming you are now doubt familiar with his work "Massa as a Type of Prophetic Book" in JBL 2002.

      Your question really is a Michael Stead question. While he has only published intertextuality of Zech 1-8, I have inside knowledge that he is doing work on intetextuality of 9-14. This will be an inestimable resource for your inquiry, since he is exhaustive.

      All the Best, 

      Robert C. Kashow
      Dallas Theological Seminary

      On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 4:27 PM, Danger <sigebryht@...> wrote:

      Dear Colleagues,

      I am looking to expand on the work of Weis, Sweeney, Floyd, et al. regarding the MASSA texts in Zechariah 9-14 and Isaiah 13-23 (and possibly Isa. 30).

      Specifically, while it seems clear that Isaiah 13-23 has at least some structural affinity with Zechariah 9-14, I would like to see if the language of Zech 9-14 is closer to Isaiah's idiolect than to the rest of the Tanakh.

      I am writing to ask for suggestions, advice, sources on how to construct the statistical analysis.

      For instance, at present I am thinking that the place to start is with the least frequent words and expressions in Isaiah or Zechariah, based on the frequency notes in the Massorah Gedolah.

      However, that seems like a labor-intensive approach.

      Is there any other way to look for rare lemmas and forms using either
      BibleWorks 7 or Logos 4?
      In Logos, I have the SESB module installed.

      Alternatively, I could be going about the method all wrong. Any alternative suggestions would be welcome.

      Finally, if anyone knows of studies that deal with this sort of analysis in Biblical Hebrew, please let me know. I am aware of Butterworth's book on Zechariah, but I am not sure if it or another study may help.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance.


      Chris Lovelace

      Robert C. Kashow
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