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Re: CSNTM images now available

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  • bucksburg
    Ivan Y. Yong wrote: Check this out: To photograph these 30 manuscripts, over 14,000 single-leaf
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      "Ivan Y. Yong" wrote:
      << Go to http://www.csntm.org and click on "Manuscripts." >>

      Check this out:
      To photograph these 30 manuscripts, over 14,000 single-leaf images
      were taken. Among the manuscripts photographed, the team encountered
      four manuscripts that were previously unknown to Western
      scholarship. First, portions of two previously unknown uncial
      manuscripts were photographed (the first uncial manuscripts known to
      exist in Istanbul), one of which is an early text from the Gospel of
      St. Mark and the other is an early leaf from Saint Basil. Second,
      the team photographed two other previously unknown, complete NT
      manuscripts written in Greek minuscule hand.

      The Gospel of St. Mark uncial manuscript deserves special attention.
      It is a palimpsest (a manuscript containing an older text that was
      scraped away) consisting of two leaves from Mark, chapters three and
      six. Since these leaves are the last two leaves of a 12th century
      non-biblical text, it would seem that the two scraped leaves were
      appropriated by the scribe of this 12th century manuscript in the
      final moments of his manuscript composition. The underlying uncial
      letters, though barely visible, are written in a large and stately
      hand. The date of the palimpsest is tentatively estimated to be 3rd
      to 4th century.
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