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Re: [textualcriticism] Looking for Aquila, Symmachus

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  • Frank Polak
    You will find the syrohexapla at: http://cpart.byu.edu/?page=99&sidebar The hexaplaric edition of Field is for downloading at the internet archive:
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 22, 2011
      You will find the syrohexapla at:
      The hexaplaric edition of Field is for downloading at the internet archive:

      I think Ziegler has more than these sources.

      Good Luck,

      Frank Polak
      On 22/04/2011, at 00:08, Danger wrote:

      I am currently doing text-critical work on the Hebrew and Greek texts of Zechariah as I seek to identify a topic for my Th.M. thesis.

      For the Greek text of Zechariah, I am using Ziegler's edition of Septuaginta Gottingensis. Since this is an eclectic edition, it is often difficult to see what the readings were for the Hexaplaric recensions Aquila and Symmachus, since this requires 1.) substituting variants into the text to get a complete pericope in every instance where it is desired, and 2.) assuming that Ziegler included every variant from Aquila and Symmachus in his apparatus (an assumption that we know to be reasonably false).

      Is there:

      1. A place where I can access Aquila or Symmachus on-line?


      2. A module for Logos or BibleWorks that I may have overlooked that includes them?


      3. Another place where they might be available for download? (Naturally, I refer to legal downloads, though I imagine that there are editions out there that are not in copyright, and therefore available for free download.)

      Thank you in advance for any help.


      Chris Lovelace,
      Th.M. Candidate, CBTS 

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