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(1599 Geneva-Bible Update) 1 Corinthians

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  • Steve
    I am pleased to announce that 1 Corinthians from the 1599 Geneva Bible has been Proofread and uploaded to the GenevaBible.org website, (
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      I am pleased to announce that 1 Corinthians from the 1599 Geneva Bible has been Proofread and uploaded to the GenevaBible.org website, ( http://www.genevabible.org/Geneva.html )  (both the Footnotes version and the Non-footnotes version) 


      Italics have been included as the original 1599 Geneva Bible had them, italics were used to show which words the translators added that wasn't in the original Holy Writ (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Syrian texts) they added these words to help the reader to understand. The 1611 KJV also followed the use of italics.


      For the footnotes version the Scripture cross-references have been included as was the way it was in the original 1599 Geneva Bible had them. 


      The website to download from is:  http://www.genevabible.org/Geneva.html to download the files find the link you want to download and right click on it and choose Save As.


      When I come across the many diagrams found in the 1599 Geneva Bible I will be placing those images in the footnotes version only.


      If you have been at a lost at the history of the Breeches/Geneva Bible because of bias from some KJV Onlyists, here is the Historical Knowledge you need to know:




      Home Page
      1599 Geneva Bible Online


      1 Corinthians 14:8

      And also if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to battle?

      "Let not Geneva be forgotten or despised. Religious liberty owes it most respect."   John Adams, the second president of the United States

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