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New TCG 2011

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  • Wieland Willker
    Dear friends, with the new year I am updating once again the Textual Commentary. It is now the 8th edition and has about 2500 pages.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2011
      Dear friends,

      with the new year I am updating once again the Textual Commentary. It is now
      the 8th edition and has about 2500 pages.


      Changes to the previous version:

      1. A formal change: I have decided that it is better to combine the major
      commentary file and the file with the "minor WH variants" into one. This
      erodes a bit the principle that only important and interesting variants are
      covered, but it allows for faster searching and comparison.

      Other things:
      - Checked for all variants from the Vulgate edition of Wordsworth White.
      - Checked all readings of X/033 from the new online photos. X has a
      comparatively good text in John (about 50% Byz).
      - In 2009 an important dissertation appeared, that of Amy M. Donaldson:
      "Explicit references to NT variant readings among Greek and Latin church
      fathers", which she kindly provided online. I went through it and
      incorporated many of the quotations into the commentary. Thanks for this
      work, Amy!
      - The INTF in Münster has opened a so called "Virtual manuscript room", in
      which they started to present their images. These are mostly the old films
      acquired by Aland and his colleagues. This is a great service, since many of
      these manuscripts are not online anywhere else. The following are important
      for this commentary:
      * of f13: 13, 69, 346, 828
      * others: 579, 700, 1342, 1582, 1675
      I checked them at all relevant places.
      - Some new images from Vienna appeared online (059, 070, 0177, 0181 etc.).
      - CSNTM put manuscript 1424 online. I checked these, too.
      - This year I also devoted some time to check and inspect the various
      Diatessaron witnesses (esp. Ephrem's commentary and the Arabic Diatessaron)
      and noted noteworthy readings here and there.
      - I also went through the Marcion quotations again (Zahn and Harnack).
      - 2010 a new critical GNT came out, the SBL GNT by Mike Holmes. I compared
      all readings in the commentary and noted SBL accordingly.
      - Plus many various changes throughout.

      Added variants:
      Mt 24:38
      Mk 3:31, 3:33, 5:38, 6:31-33, 8:22a, 8:22b, 9:39
      Lk 5:39b, 20:24, 22:6, 24:32a
      Jo 4:41

      Note that this is always a work in progress!
      Please contribute!
      Comments, thoughts, literature …

      Best wishes
      Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
      Textcritical commentary:
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