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Re: [textualcriticism] Georg Luck: Conjectural Emendation

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  • David Robert Palmer
    Hello Pat. I think you are misunderstanding the Muenster apparatus, which is easy to do. They show those OU and U you speak of, in brackets, because those
    Message 1 of 14 , Aug 5, 2010
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      Hello Pat.
      I think you are misunderstanding the Muenster apparatus, which is easy to do.  They show those "OU" and "U" you speak of, in brackets, because those letters are not present, visible or clear in those manuscripts.  But all of those mss support IDOU.
      I said 300 manuscripts only as approximately, not exactly.  But in all of the mss I have collation of (Hoskier), it is unanimous, except for variant spellings.  One ms says DOU.
      Pat, thank-you for calling me "Dr. Palmer" but I am not a doctor.  I have formal theological training, and I also did take linguistics in the University of Oregon (via S.I.L.), but I never completed a college degree.
      (There are many Dr. Palmers on the Internet, even Dr. David Palmers.)  There are even two other David Robert Palmers out there- one is a stage actor in England.  This is why I spell out all three of my names.
      I am not bashfull, however, about my opinions, since I have been studying New Testament Greek since 1978, and been translating it pretty much that long as well.  I feel completely qualified to participate in a discussion about translating New Testament Greek.  Especially about the Apocalypse of John, since I have translated it, and am more familiar than many people about the manuscripts of it.  But I am far far from an expert or authority on textual criticism.  I have no formal training in TC. 
      I am very interested in George's explanation as to how a verse could have migrated from Rev. 3:3 to Rev 16:15.  I would also like to hear about this from the bigger names that might be lurking on this list.

       David Robert Palmer
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