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Codex Delta 037 by Eriugena

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  • Wieland Willker
    In Elliott s latest update to his NT manuscripts bibliography I found an entry that I didn t know: St. Gall 48: A Copy of Eriugena s Glossed Greek Gospels
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2010
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      In Elliott's latest update to his NT manuscripts bibliography I found an
      entry that I didn't know:

      "St. Gall 48: A Copy of Eriugena's Glossed Greek Gospels"
      Michael W. Herren

      I ordered the article.
      Herren makes it quite probable that the Gospel interlinear as we have it in
      codex Delta/037 (=St. Gall 48) was created by Johannes Scotus Eriugena.
      Herren concludes:

      "It therefore seems reasonable to conclude that GRAMMATA GRAIYGENWN is
      Eriugena's own colophon to a Greek evangelary which he himself glossed. St.
      Gall 48 is a copy of that evangelary and may preserve some of Eriugena's own
      marginal scholia in addition to his >custom-made< interlinear translation.
      If the Gotteschalk entries are indicative, Eriugena's glossed and annotated
      copy of the Greek Gospels was first written ca. 851 or shortly thereafter
      and crowned with a colophon that alludes, albeit fleetingly, to the
      predestination controversy."

      Since I think this is not widely known, I have created a PDF of the article
      and added two images of the poem and the Gotteschalk reference.
      The file "Herren.pdf" can be downloaded from the files section of the
      mailing list:

      Best wishes
      Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
      Textcritical commentary:
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