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The Online Non-Translation of Sinaiticus Matt. 23:2

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  • talmidim@aol.com
    Thanks for the link. Check out the translation of Matt. 23:2? MB In a message dated 7/2/2010 7:02:50 Central Daylight Time, schmuel@nyc.rr.com writes: Hi
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2010
      Thanks for the link.
      Check out the translation of Matt. 23:2?  
      In a message dated 7/2/2010 7:02:50 Central Daylight Time, schmuel@... writes:

      Hi Folks,


      The translation is Henry Anderson's 1918 translation of the Codex Sinaiticus available here: http://www.archive. org/details/ newtestamenttran 00ande and here : http://books. google.com/ books?id= DpK3vsjxVTUC
      I don't know if Anderson translated from a collation, or if he just revised his previous translation, but it's clear his translation does not follow the uncorrected text of the Codex Sinaiticus.. .My guess it the translation section on the site is low priority and high cost.

      Steven Avery
      The original  Henry Tompkins Anderson (1812-1872)  work was 1866, the publication falsely representing this as a Sinaiticus work was in 1918. We have had some discussion of how this is not remotely a true Sinaiticus translation. 

      [textualcriticism] CSNTM's - request assistance on Codex Sinaiticus Project misinformation
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/textualcri ticism/message/ 5716

      And much more is available. From the point of view of the Project, no excuse washes.  Even giving the textual identity with a clear disclaimer would be better than the current situation.  ie. Telling the readers the translation source and the truth that this version differs widely from Sinaiticus, and this would take five minutes of web time.  As it stands now, readers are being consciously and deliberately deceived, since the Project is well aware of the situation.

      Steven Avery
      Queens, NY

       james_snapp_ jr wrote:
      > I visited the Codex Sinaiticus website today, and the English "translation" is still not a real translation of the text of Codex Sinaiticus. Can anyone explain why it is taking so long to put a real translation of Codex Sinaiticus on the Codex Sinaiticus website?  It's only a matter of time before some enterprising reporter or blogger learns of this and concocts a story about the Conspiracy of Deception being perpetrated by the British Library.  I mean, I know it's just Codex Sinaiticus, but shouldn't this be a higher priority than it apparently is to the folks in charge of the site, Juan? 

    • Daniel Buck
      A team of scientists and academics — including spectral imaging specialists from the United States — analyzed the fragile paper, carefully drawing out
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