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Titus of Bostra

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  • james_snapp_jr
    Paul De LaGarde s 1859 presentation of Titus of Bostra s Greek Books Against the Manichaeans is online at Google Books (with the title Titi Bostreni,
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      Paul De LaGarde's 1859 presentation of Titus of Bostra's Greek "Books Against the Manichaeans" is online at Google Books (with the title "Titi Bostreni," etc.).

      Lagarde included an index of dozens of Titus of Bostra's Scripture-references. (Lagarde indexed not only the page-number but also the line-number on the page. Genius!) The Gospel of Mark is cited only once: on page 81 of LaGarde's book, you can see the setting in which Mark 1:1 (without "Son of God") is quoted.

      Those who can read German can use another publication of a work by Titus of Bostra: Sickenberger's "Titus von Bostra: Studien zu dessen Lukashomilien," which is accompanied in Texte und Untersuchungen VI by some other materials well worth having.

      Yours in Christ,

      James Snapp, Jr.
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