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Re: Tregelles GNT online

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  • tvanlopik
    Maybe superfluous for the members of the list: Tregelles original is to be downloaded from:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 24, 2009
      Maybe superfluous for the members of the list:
      Tregelles' original is to be downloaded from:
      In http://www.archive.org/details/greeknewtestamen00treg
      are the Prolegomena and Addenda and Corrigenda compiled by Hort.

      Hort on p. xxxi:
      It is hardly necessary to add that here as elsewhere, for instance in the selection of extracts for the Prolegomena, I have been careful not to allow any critical views of my own to exercise influence over the handling of the materials before me. It was a clear duty to aim at making this concluding Part as exclusively representative of Dr. Tregelles's own purposes and views as its predecessors, whether I agreed with them in all respects or not. On the other hand the task would have been embarrassing, and perhaps unbecoming, had we differed fundamentally about the comparative merits of the various authorities for the text of the New Testament.

      Teunis van Lopik
      Leidschendam, The Netherlands

      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, "Wieland Willker" <wie@...> wrote:
      > I think it deserves a notice that Dirk Jongkind has completed his
      > transcription of the Tregelles GNT.
      > Here is the website:
      > http://www.tyndalehouse.com/tregelles/index.html
      > Michael Hanel has compiled a Bibleworks version here:
      > http://bibleworks.oldinthenew.org/?p=526
      > (just copy everything into the databases directory of BW)
      > It appears that Westcott and Hort probably used Tregelles' GNT as their base
      > text. Tregelles' text (and apparatus) deserves more attention.
      > If you spot any errors in the digital version please report them to Dirk!
      > Best wishes
      > Wieland
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      > Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
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