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Re: [textualcriticism] Extant mss - Dr. Wallace

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  • Daniel B. Wallace
    Mitch, usually just a handful of MSS are newly catalogued every year by INTF. I think it would probably be fair to say that CSNTM s work will raise the number
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2009
      Mitch, usually just a handful of MSS are newly catalogued every year by INTF. I think it would probably be fair to say that CSNTM's work will raise the number by over 50, but to date only four of our discoveries have been catalogued. INTF has lots of tasks going on right now, and getting to the task of making sure that CSNTM's MSS are uncatalogued takes time. The last thing they want to do is give a MS a Gregory-Aland number only to find out that it is part of another MS already catalogued. That's happened too much in the past, and INTF wants to eliminate the possibility of it happening again, if at all possible. The MSS that we have not photographed do not count as new discoveries as far as INTF is concerned, because we can't provide verification of the MSS by way of images to them. About 20-25 of the MSS we've discovered we have not yet photographed.

      The URL for finding the latest data on the MSS is here: http://www.uni-muenster.de/NTTextforschung/Veroeffentlichungen.html

      Scroll down to the KurzgefaƟte Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments. There's a link to the latest additions to this standard list. As of today, it gives the number of papyri as 124, majuscules as 318, minuscules as 2882, and lectionaries as 2436. However, the Liste is not up to date (e.g., 2893 is now catalogued; see hhttp://www.csntm.org/TCNotes/Archive/CatalogingANewDiscovery_GA2892AndGA2893.aspx

      Mitch, there are always individuals and groups trying to discover new MSS. Each institute that owns handwritten MSS is theoretically involved in this--either by way of inventorying their collection or by acquisition. Many of CSNTM's "discoveries" are simply on-site examination of in-house catalogs which have this information. Tommy Wasserman, when he was working on his doctoral thesis on Jude, discovered quite a few. David Parker and Bruce Morrill, in a visit to Boston for SBL one year, visited a few Ivy League libraries and discovered some more.


      Daniel B. Wallace, PhD
      Executive Director
      Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

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      > Dr. Wallace:

      I assume this number provided by the INTF changes quite frequently. The
      number of new MSS your organization has discovered has raised this number
      by over 50, is that fair to say?

      Which leads me to ask this: How often does this number change?

      And this question: Does INTF provide the public updated numbers of extant
      MSS on a web site (can you give us a URL) so the rest of us can watch
      this number?

      And finally this last question: Are there individuals or other
      organizations that are partly, at least, in the business of trying to
      discover new MSS?

      Mitch Larramore
      Sugar Land, Texas

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