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FW: Papyrus Collection Available (Oxyrhynchus)

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      Subject: [Papy] Papyrus Collection Available (Oxyrhynchus)


      It was kindly suggested fellow papyroligist that we use PAPY to inform the papyrologist community of a unique papyrus collection that we are helping to market and sell for a US seminary. Its Board of Trustees is exploring the sale of its papyrus collection, most of which (8 of 9) are from the well documented Oxyrhynchus excavation.  The most interesting piece is a Fourth Century fragment of 1. Peter 5:6-12.  It is written in a hand closely resembling that of the famed Codex Sinaiticus.  I am assisting the board by contacting prospective interested parties and have prepared overview of the collection which you can be secured at the following link:




      In the coming weeks, we plan to email Offer Letter Instructions to those who might want to submit an offer to purchase this collection.  We expect the collection to sell in a $ range of low-to-mid six figures.  There is a possibility the fragments will sell separately, but we believe the collection will be worth more together.   If you or an organization you are affiliated with would like the Offer Letter Instructions when we issue them, please email me. 


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