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Re: rev 3:14 ktisewV - ekklhsiaV

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  • Daniel
    ... reads faith here in Rev. 3:14, is that of Walton s Polyglot (1657, London).
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 30, 2009
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      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, "David Robert Palmer"
      <watutman@...> wrote:
      >> The Arabic manuscript cited in Hoskier, and which he says
      reads "faith" here in Rev. 3:14, is that of Walton's Polyglot (1657,

      In both Arabic and Persian (a language unrelated to Arabic, but full of
      ecclesiastical loan-words from it), a form of the word "Amen" is
      already found twice in this verse, since 'faithful' in both languages
      is spelled with exactly the same consonants as 'amen.'

      Daniel Buck
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