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MS Access Questions

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  • mydogregae01
    Concerning Access to MS Images at the CSNTM (The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts): I applaud the work of the CSNTM, it is good to know that
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2008
      Concerning Access to MS Images at the CSNTM
      (The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts):

      I applaud the work of the CSNTM, it is good to know that many good
      quality manuscript images are finding a home on American soil. I also
      enjoy the new format of their website. Yet, there are several
      questions which still nag at me and some of my associates. I hope to
      receive a public answer, as these are not private issues.

      (1) I cannot find information on the CSNTM website as to how I might
      receive DVD copies of the MSS filmed at Patmos, Constantinople or in
      Albania. How can I or anyone get full resolution DVD copies and what
      are the terms of usage?

      I know that some few others are receiving copies, is circulation of
      these DVDs restricted to only a select few? Do only monetary donors
      receive copies? Why is this information apparently suppressed (it has
      not been on the old site either)?

      (2) The CSNTM boasts that they are making good "high" resolution
      copies of MSS. And they have been. Nevertheless, many of the posted
      images on their website are poor low resolution images! How does one
      obtain the high resolution images? What is the cost of the good
      quality images?

      (3) Earlier the founder of the CSNTM lamented the fact that for years
      only poor quality black and white images were available to scholars.
      The CSNTM set out to provide good "high" resolution images. So why
      waste website space posting poor quality images? Why not increase your
      website and post the good stuff? Parts of the website are a
      contradiction to some of the earlier stated goals. UNLESS the low
      resolution images are for sample purposes only, encouraging the viewer
      to send for the good "high" resolution DVD copy. Then the space-saving
      low resolution images make sense, but if DVD copies are not available,
      then the low resolution postings are somewhat of an insult.

      But are DVD copies available? If so exactly for which MSS [hopefully
      all]? Again this information is hard to locate on the CSNTM website.
      Where is this information??

      (Is it possible that only the elites have access to the good images,
      and that we poor or less fortunate folks are left with the low quality
      posted images?)?

      (4) The CSNTM has begun to sell enlargements of a few MS images. I
      think this may be good, it may be nice to have a sample to display.
      However, why not GIVE such images to donors? Would this not be an
      incentive to donate? Selling images for profit leaves a suspicious
      residue of capitalism.

      (5) Why are only the minuscule MSS from U. of Michigan posted? Why
      not post all of their Biblical MS holdings, such as P46 and their OT
      MSS? Sure they may be posted elsewhere, but does it not make sense to
      keep all of the material in ONE place. Why scattered all over the
      internet? It seems to me that if the CSNTM is sincere then the folks
      at Michigan would not mind your posting of all of their Biblical MS

      It appears to me that many institutions USE their manuscripts (which
      they may possess) for financial or status purposes. Sharing seems weak
      and not a good tactic from an investment point of view. I hope the
      CSNTM does not continue to become a holding facility or archive for
      the benefit of the elites or privileged only. Lets talk access and
      lets make clear the access terms to and for all peoples. I mean is
      the purpose of the CSNTM to simply archive and hide these MSS, or to
      share them in good "high" resolution formats?

      I do not mind donating money to the cause, but not if the MSS can only
      be accessed on-site at your home or where ever the CSNTM is located
      (Dallas and Minnesota). You have agreements with the Greek Orthodox
      concerning access to your images. You cannot post most of their
      manuscripts, so the circulation of DVDs is essential to sharing them.
      Can you clearly elaborate these policies on your website, or in your
      reply to this?? Surely you and the Orthodox have agreed to permit
      unlimited access to the DVD copies. Yes? If not, what behind-the-doors
      terms have you negotiated? Why is this information not made clear??

      Since the CSNTM is a tax deductible organization, your finances are
      public. Exactly how much money is received by the Center? How much is
      used for the purchase of cameras? Why are some MSS filmed with the low
      resolution cameras? How much did the U. of Michigan pay to have their
      minuscule MSS filmed? The point is, I see a conflict of interests
      here. Filming for profit AND filming for the glory of God. You provide
      a service and are doing it under a 501(c)(3) protection. Perhaps
      clarifying your purposes would be helpful. Why film MSS when you
      cannot share them? If you seek to only preserve the MSS then the mass
      circulation of the images would be the best method to preserve,
      thousands (hypothectically) of copies scattered around the globe. This
      would be preservation.

      Since you are in a 501c3 status, how do you classify the payments to
      you for services rendered?? If I donate, how is my monies used? --
      to provide access to a few selected folks? I need answers. (Dr.
      Wallace posts often to this list, so I trust you [Dr. Wallace] will
      give a nice full reply, take your time, no need to find an excuse not
      to reply or to only answer one question and then not answer the other
      questions). I am in no hurry, and I feel we all deserve a full and
      openly public reply.

      thank you,

      Mr. Gary S. Dykes
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