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Re: Rev. 5:10 "He made them" or He made us"

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  • Daniel Buck
    David Robert Palmer wrote,
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 21, 2008
      "David Robert Palmer" wrote,
      << For a more full picture, download my translation of Revelation at

      This also includes some comments by Maurice Robinson.>>

      Dr. Robinson theorised that this was antiphonal singing between the
      four beasts and the 24 elders.

      It is interesting that David Robert Palmer appeals to theology (that
      the elders will certainly reign with Christ) in trying to make sense
      of the Byz reading here. I don't think this is necessarily helpful.

      Whatever the reason for it being in the text, the clash of persons
      certainly explains why this was later corrected by translators to
      uniformly read either in the 3rd person (as attested in Ethiopic mss)
      or the first person (as attested in Latin and Armenian mss). As
      Robinson points out, this is the sort of 'harder reading' that begs
      for alteration of one sort or the other.

      Another example of this sort of thing occurs in Zechariah 12:10,
      which reads, "They shall look on *me* whom they have pierced, and
      shall mourn for *him*." Interestingly enough, the Hebrew text there
      appears to have experienced the same sort of correction as has the
      Greek text in Revelation. C. H. H. Wright says of this, "The reading
      YLA `unto me,' is that of all the old versions and of the great
      majority of the mss, and must be regarded as the original. The
      reading `unto him' WYLU is doubtless a correction, as de Rossi has
      abundantly shown, and a most natural one, too, on account of the
      following WYLU."

      Daniel Buck
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