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Re: New TC intro book by David Parker

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  • Wieland Willker
    ... It s the fourth edition of The Text of the New Testament . Oxford University Press, ISBN: 019516122X ... Ok, my general criticism is that here two people
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 13, 2008
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      > Could you please clarify which is the Ehrman update of
      > Metzger book?

      It's the fourth edition of "The Text of the New Testament".
      Oxford University Press, ISBN: 019516122X

      > and why do you think Ehrman messed-up it?

      my general criticism is that here two people meet who have
      quite different views and approaches. This alone is messing
      up Metzger's book.
      It would have been better to leave Metzger's book alone and
      for Ehrman to write a new one.

      Some specific criticisms have already discussed on this
      list. Have e.g. a look at post numbers
      #1099, 1107
      and the following discussion.

      But I know Ehrman has an open ear to these criticisms and
      will think about them.
      I also sent Ehrman a list of errors in the MSS section. He
      replied that "they got lost in the rush of editing....".

      Let's hope that the next edition will get better and not so
      I offer volunteering for proof-reading!

      At the moment I am looking forward to David "even the
      variants are inspired" Parker's book.

      Best wishes
      Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
      Textcritical Commentary:
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