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Re: new items at CSNTM

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  • ianehud
    ... now complete (669 and 2813). ... been posted. ... on the site. ... of several), though the link is not quite up yet. It s Yale MS 522, a single-leaf text
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      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, "Daniel B. Wallace"
      <csntm@...> wrote:
      > TC-listers:
      > We have added some more items to the CSNTM website that may be of
      interest to you:
      > 1. Digital images from over a dozen manuscripts have been added.
      > 2. Two manuscripts, which had only some of the images posted, are
      now complete (669 and 2813).
      > 3. The facsimile of Codex G (012), provided by Gary Dykes, has
      been posted.
      > 4. The pseudo-facsimile of Codex Vaticanus, done in 1868, is now
      on the site.
      > 4. Finally, an uncatalogued manuscript has been posted (the first
      of several), though the link is not quite up yet. It's Yale MS 522,
      a single-leaf text from Matt 25. There is also a collation of the MS
      with the images, provided by Eric Sowell. (Folks at INTF, if you
      give this a Gregory-Aland number, we'd like to know about it!)
      > Stay tuned; more to come!
      > Daniel B. Wallace, PhD
      > Executive Director,
      > Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

      Dearest Mr. Wallace,
      CHRISTIAN greetings!
      I am indeed gratefull for these infos. I am working on my term
      paper right now on Ruth and Colossians 2:6-11
      Thanks a lot..

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