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Re: [textualcriticism] Scrivener's Plain Introduction for download

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  • Ph. Maertens
    Dear Peter, you might be interested in this link . http://www.openlibrary.org/details/aplainintroducti00scriuoft In the window view the book click on FTP and
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 12, 2007
      Dear Peter,
      you might be interested in this link .
      In the window "view the book" click on FTP and then select the format to download (right click + save as)
      Personnaly I prefer Djvu instead of PDF.
      You can also access the page from http://www.archive.org and search with "scrivener" There are several books available.
      This is a great site with lots of "oldies but goodies"
      have a nice weekend
      Philip Maertens
      Algarve, Portugal
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      Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 9:20 AM
      Subject: Re: [textualcriticism] Scrivener's Plain Introduction for download

      Thanks Reid,

      I'd be more excited by the fourth edition which is much fuller.



      At 16:32 11/10/2007, you wrote:
      >I just noticed that F.H.A. Scrivener's A Plain Introduction to the
      >Criticism of the New Testament is available for download (PDF format)
      >http://books. google.com/ books?
      >id=6pOl5kos2O0C& pg=PA139& dq=scrivener# PPA1,M1
      >What a classic resource, and free!
      >Reid Lindner
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

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