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RE: [textualcriticism] KANTHAROS and the Great Magical Papyrus in Paris

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  • Williams, Dr Peter J.
    As a stone [אֶבֶן] is a component of a wall [קִּיר] or λίθος a component of τοίχου, so כָפִיס / κανθαρος must be a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 8, 2007

      As "a stone" [אֶבֶן] is a component of a wall [קִּירor λίθος a component of τοίχου, so כָפִיס / κανθαρος must be a component of עֵץ / ξύλουI would therefore propose a more traditional reading of "knot" for the Greek and "rafter" for the Hebrew.

      Whenever I’d read the LXX to this verse, I had always imagined a beetle hiding in the wood. I found the image of the insect crying out rather humorous.


      Pete Williams

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