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B. Ehrman : Heracleon

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  • Maertens Philip
    Dear listmembers, I was reading the stimulating article of B. Erhman, Heracleon and the Western Textual Tradition (NTS 40 (1994), 161-179). On page 174-175
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2007
      Dear listmembers,

      I was reading the stimulating article of B. Erhman, "Heracleon and
      the 'Western' Textual Tradition" (NTS 40 (1994), 161-179). On page
      174-175 B. Ehrman displays a Table of the witnesses arranged by
      groups according to percentage agreement with Heracleon.

      My first question relates to the first group. According to Ehrman,
      the average (shouldn't that be 'total'?) is 287 - 158, while my
      calculation, based on the data furnished by Ehrman, is 241 - 131.
      For the four other groups, there is no difference between the
      results in the table and my calculations. Am I missing something
      when I sum up the agreements and disagreements of the various
      witnesses of the first group?

      My second question has to do with the calculation of the percentage
      of agreements. What's the right formula to use? I thought it was :
      n° of agreements / (n° agreements + n° disagreements) * 100. But
      with this formula, none of the percentages corresponds. For example,
      in the case of Sinaiticus, Ehrman gives 46 - 62 - 69.57% while I
      arrive at 58.97%.

      Any suggestion is welcome.

      Thanks for your attention,

      Philip Maertens
      Algarve, Portugal
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