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Re: New E-List - Apparatus Criticus

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  • Chris Weimer
    Yahoo didn t like the link very much: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Apparatus_Criticus Chris
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 22, 2007
      Yahoo didn't like the link very much:



      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Weimer"
      <Christopher.M.Weimer@...> wrote:
      > There's a new e-list: Apparatus Criticus
      > <../../../../../Apparatus_Criticus/> , for text critical discussions.
      > Here's the description:
      > Apparatus Criticus is an academic email list which focuses on the study
      > of manuscripts and textual criticism. This includes the study of
      > manuscript traditions, palaeography(paleography), epigraphy, the
      > restoration of fragmentary texts, emendation proposals, and
      > text-critical methods and applications. Other topics include major
      > thinkers and innovators in the fields, such as A.E. Housman, Karl
      > Lachmann, L. D. Reynolds, or relevant literature like Texts and
      > Transmission: A Survey of the Latin Classics or Scribes and Scholars: A
      > Guide to the Transmission of Greek Latin Literature.
      > The material should be limited to ancient literature of the Western
      > World, the Graeco-Roman classics, Jewish or Christian works, the Qur'an,
      > ancient papyri, etc... all before the invention of the printing press.
      > All posts should be on topic and within the scope of the stated
      > description. The list owner expects all posts to be evidenced by facts
      > and scholarship. A working knowledge of either Greek, Latin, Syriac,
      > Coptic, Arabic, or other languages of the texts in question is necessary
      > for discussion on an actual text.
      > As a moderated list, members are ideally professionals working in a
      > related field. Students are welcome, and so are others interested in
      > seriously pursuing the subject matter, but both are expected to conduct
      > themselves with professional decorum befitting a real academic event.
      > best regards,
      > Chris Weimer
      > University of Memphis
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